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High Mileage Hiking Trails

Looking for trails with lots of miles? Here's our round up of the top 30 Trustees properties for long hikes.

Rocky Woods

When it comes to our trails, we tend to highlight aspects like flora and fauna to look for, geological features, or scenic views along the way. If those things are appealing to you, and you’re also looking to boost your step count, here’s a list of our top 30 properties with the most miles of trail.

Special thanks Hike Trustees member Dave Dunham for logging miles on all of our trails and for providing us with a spreadsheet that shows how many miles to expect at each property.

From 29 miles to 4.5 miles, here are our top 30 properties ranked in order of where you can expect to get in the longest hikes.

Notchview, Berkshires tops out our list at 29 miles. Renowned for its Nordic skiing and snowshoeing, Notchview also entices year-round adventurers for hiking and bird watching.

Noanet Woodlands, Dover, 21.6 miles.  Follow a network of trails across a grand preserve that features woodlands and ponds, a former mill site, and Noanet Peak, which offers views of the Boston skyline.

Brooks Woodland Preserve, Petersham, 17.6 miles. Follow miles of footpaths and old farm roads through a massive expanse of diverse forest, pristine streams, and wetlands.

Ward Reservation, Andover, 16.5 miles. Explore this sprawling landscape along more than 15 miles of trails and climb a hill for great views from the Merrimack Valley toward the Boston skyline.

Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, Nantucket, 15 miles. A ruggedly beautiful coastal environment where deer, raptors, seals, and shorebirds play.

Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, Martha’s Vineyard 12 miles. Explore this magnificent barrier beach with its sandy shoreline, expansive salt marsh, beautiful salt pond, and unique colony of hardy red cedars.

Ravenswood, Gloucester, 11.5 miles. Over 10 miles of crushed-stone carriage paths and trails meander through the park.

Appleton Farms, Hamilton & Ipswich, 10 miles. Wander past crop fields and cow pastures at one of the country’s oldest continuously operating farms.

Rocky Narrows, Sherborn, 9.6 miles. By foot or canoe, enjoy incomparable views of the Charles River as it slowly and serenely winds past field and forest and between granite walls.

Appleton Farm Grass Rides, South Hamilton, 9 miles. Family-friendly carriage paths provide a captivating environment for walking, exploring, and nature watching.

Weir River Farm, Hingham, 9 miles. This family-friendly farm—one of the last in Hingham—captivates visitors with its own livestock family of horses, pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep.

Whitney and Thayer Woods, Hingham, 9 miles. Step back in time to woodlands dotted with glacial erratics and vernal pools, featuring bridges over streams, carefully sited benches, a hermit’s shelter, and secluded holly grove.

Swift River Reservation, Petersham, 9 miles. A landscape that once supported Colonial-era farming has returned to a natural environment of forest, swamp, fields, and uplands, laced by nine miles of trails and old roads.

Crane Beach, Ipswich, 8 miles. Soak up the seaside fun at one of the Northeast’s most spectacular beaches, and follow trails and boardwalks through a spellbinding landscape of sand dunes and salt marsh.

Copicut Woods, Fall River, 7 miles. With upland forests and remnants of a vibrant agricultural past, the gateway to the 13,600-acre Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve is a destination to remember.

Jacobs Hill, Royalston, 7 miles. Climb through a forest of beech, hemlock, and birch to reach an unparalleled wilderness vista, then explore Spirit Falls as it rolls down the mountainside.

Bartholomew’s Cobble, Sheffield, 6.5 miles. Created by geologic upheavals, this 1,000-foot-high bedrock is a rugged, exotic landscape with sweeping mountain vistas.

Mountain Meadow Preserve, Williamstown, 6.5 miles. Straddling the Massachusetts-Vermont border, this inviting mix of forest, field, wetland, and wildflower meadow draws both novice hikers and serious naturalists.

Old Town Hill, Newbury, 6.3 miles. Climb to the top of this 168-ft coastal hill and enjoy panoramic views of the Great Marsh and New Hampshire’s Isle of Shoals.

Rocky Woods, Medfield, 6.3 miles. Enjoy expansive views from atop Cedar Hill, amble along a trail to a former quarry site, or explore five ponds that dot this wooded landscape.

World’s End, Hingham, 6.2 miles. Trek along Frederick Law Olmsted-designed carriage paths toward rolling hills and rocky shorelines, and discover sweeping views of the Boston skyline.

Noon Hill, Medfield, 6.1 miles. Ascend the hill to enjoy treetop vistas, amble around Holt Pond, or follow trails that lead through an adjacent Trustees reservation to the Charles River.

Weir Hill, North Andover, 6 miles. Trace the western shoreline of a sparkling lake or enjoy a woodsy ascent to scenic views of the Merrimack Valley.

Castle Hill, Ipswich, 5.2 miles. Experience the grandeur of a 2,100-acre seaside estate, its marvelously landscaped grounds, restored Grand Allée, gardens, and Casino complex.

Moose Hill Farm, Sharon, 5 miles. Venture from the farmstead through restored woodlands to hillside hay fields and pastures, and take in expansive views of Great Blue Hill and the Boston skyline.

Lowell Holly, Cape Cod, 5 miles. Wander along carriage roads and foot trails as you pass through groves of American holly that embellish this unique peninsula.

Doyle Community Park, Leominster, 4.5 miles. Meander along trails that pass through woodlands, fields, and gardens, all parts of an elegant former estate.

Little Tom Mountain, Holyoke, 4.5 miles. Only a 10-minute drive from downtown Holyoke, Little Tom lies within one of the state’s most ecologically significant landscapes, the Mount Tom Range.

Bird Park, Walpole, 4.5 miles. Stroll meandering pathways and cross artisan-built stone bridges at this family-friendly park of open fields, groves of trees, and frog ponds.