Meet The Trustees' Leadership

Executive Team
Katie Theoharides, President and CEO
Christine Morin, Chief Operating Officer
Brian Therrien, Chief Financial Officer
Ed Wilson, Chief, Development and Strategic Partnerships

Marketing, Engagement and Data
Sarah Cassell, Managing Director of Marketing
Jennifer Klein, Director of Outdoor Experiences
Kristen Swanberg, Interim Vice President of Marketing and Engagement
Daniel Vincent, Managing Director of Membership

Development and Strategic Partnerships
Kirsten af Klinteberg, Managing Director, Development
Noelina Nakiguli, Director of Governance
Denise Trapani, Managing Director of Individual Giving
[tbh], Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships 

Properties GroupFran Blanchard, Vice President of Stewardship
Beryl Jolly, Vice President of Culture
Elizabeth McDonough, Vice President of Nature, Agriculture and Recreation
Jay Adams, Director of Retail Enterprise
Laurie Lee, Director of Enterprise Partnerships 

Arts & Culture Group
Jessica May, Managing Director, Art and Exhibitions, & Artistic Director, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
Cindy Brockway, Managing Director of Cultural Resources
Historic Collections, archives, research center, and horticulture. 

Urban OutdoorsVidya Tikku, Vice President of Urban Outdoors
Boston Waterfront and Community Gardens
Nick Black, Managing Director, Boston Waterfront Initiative 

Conservation and Resiliency Group
Cynthia Dittbrenner, Interim VP of Conservation and Resilience
Linda Orel, Director of Policy
Jennifer Core, Director of Agriculture
Jennifer Dubois, Managing Director of Land Conservation

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