About Us

Founded by landscape architect Charles Eliot in 1891, The Trustees has, for more than 125 years, been a catalyst for important ideas, endeavors, and progress in Massachusetts.

Who We Are

As a steward of distinctive and dynamic places of both historic and cultural value, The Trustees is the nation’s first and Massachusetts’ largest preservation and conservation nonprofit, and its landscapes and landmarks continue to inspire discussion, innovation, and action today as they did in the past. Supported by members, friends and donors, The Trustees’ more than 100 reservations are destinations for residents, members, and visitors alike, welcoming millions of guests annually.

What We Do

We enjoy and care for more than 100 special places—nearly 27,000 acres—all around Massachusetts. And we are actively building an extended family of friends, neighbors, and partners across the state that can help in many different ways. Each year, more than 2 million people visit our reservations, 250,000 people participate in our more than 5,000 programs and events, and volunteers contribute over 50,000 hours of assistance in all aspects of our work. The Trustees is a vibrant and growing network of people who are committed to preserving the Commonwealth’s landscapes and keeping open space open for everyone, forever.

What We Care About

For more than 125 years, The Trustees has been on the ground in communities across Massachusetts, working to protect special places, providing loving care of our reservations, building creative new programs to engage people, and sharing our expertise with neighbors and partners.

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How You Can Get Involved

Become a Member

Your Trustees Membership gives you access to your favorite places, programs, events, and activities—all year long! Your Membership support helps us protect and care for the landscapes, farmsteads, coastlines, cultural heritage, and treasured experiences that are so important to you and your family—and that make Massachusetts the place you are proud to visit or call home.

Visit a Reservation

Enjoy a relaxing stroll along a pristine beach. Listen to songbirds in a serene garden. Explore history at a Colonial homestead. Hike to a sparkling waterfall. Let your kids discover the wonders of an old-fashioned farm. Through our 123 (and growing) reservations you can enjoy countless new experiences and endless opportunities to connect with the outdoors, the activities, the history, and the people that make Massachusetts such a special place. The variety of our natural and cultural landscapes and landmarks will satisfy the most voracious history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature lovers.

Lend a Hand as a Volunteer

Our special places need your help. Volunteer for a few hours, or make a longer commitment. Whether it’s helping build a walkway along a popular trail, planting seeds in a community garden, engaging visitors as a docent at an historic house, monitoring shorebird populations at one of our beaches, or greeting people with a smile at a local event, we have a volunteer opportunity for you. By volunteering with us, you’ll be able to share your skills and develop new ones, surrounded by the beautiful land and culture of Massachusetts.

The Trustees 2023 Strategic Plan

The Trustees adopted an ambitious Strategic Plan, Momentum: Trustees 2023, that outlines our approach to conservation in Massachusetts over the next decade.
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Access, FAQs, and General Information

Most Trustees properties are open from sunrise to sunset and the public is welcome. For detailed information, plan your visit:

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Enjoy 120 sites featuring inspired trails, historic homes, beautiful gardens, farms, summer camps and more.
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Join a community passionate about a sustainable future and engaged in diverse projects across the state.

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We rely on your generous support to protect the irreplaceable landscapes and landmarks of Massachusetts.