Guidelines When Visiting

We want you to experience Trustees reservations to their fullest, whether you're spending time with friends and family or seeking quiet time by yourself.

But, we do ask that you follow some basic guidelines of what you can do when you visit a Trustees property. Not sure whether you can mountain bike or bring your dog? You can search our reservations based on these and many other criteria.

FishingA Massachusetts State Fishing License is required for freshwater fishing at all properties where fishing is permitted. Please observe catch-and-release policies and other fishing regulations as they apply. A license is also needed for saltwater fishing if you are 16 and older.

HuntingHunting is permitted on some properties subject to state and town laws. In some cases, specific Trustees of Reservations permits are required and specific management regulations apply. During the hunting season, signs are posted at properties where hunting is permitted. Click here for further details or contact the appropriate management region office before setting out.

Ice SkatingAll visitors who choose to ice skate on ponds at reservations do so at their own risk. Visitors should make sure that ponds are sufficiently frozen before ice skating.

SwimmingAll visitors who choose to swim in water bodies on or adjacent to reservations do so at their own risk. Lifeguards are not present at most properties. Swimming is not permitted on all Trustees Reservations.

Dog WalkingDog walking is permitted on some properties and not on others; guidelines can be found here. Where dog walking is permitted, please follow posted regulations and observe the following rules of etiquette:

  • Keep dogs under control at all times.
  • Keep dogs on trails so they do not disturb wildlife or livestock or damage vegetation.
  • Do not take dogs into areas marked as restricted for management and resource protection reasons.
  • Yield to equestrians.
  • Carry plastic bags with you, pick up your dog’s waste, and dispose of it in trash receptacles or off the property.
  • Walk with no more than two dogs per person.
  • Recognize that many people have little contact with dogs and may be afraid of your dog regardless of its size or demeanor.

Mountain BikingMountain biking is permitted on some properties and not on others. Where and when mountain biking is permitted, please carry a permit (where required), follow posted regulations, and observe the following rules of etiquette:

  • Yield to hikers and equestrians.
  • When approaching from the rear, announce yourself well in advance.
  • Check your speed when your view of the trail ahead is restricted.
  • Reservations may be toured, but are not suitable for practicing stunts.
  • Ride only on authorized trails and avoid creating tire ruts, damaging waterbars, and destroying vegetation bordering trails.

Horseback RidingHorseback riding is permitted on some properties and not on others. Where and when horseback riding is permitted, please carry a permit (where required), follow posted regulations, and observe the following rules of etiquette:

  • Maintain complete control of your horse at all times.
  • Yield to hikers. When approaching hikers, ride your horse at a slow walk.
  • Ride only on bridle paths and parts of the reservation where horseback riding is permitted.

Photography, Film & VideoNon-commercial, personal, outdoor hobby photography, film & video of Trustees properties are welcome, though we do ask that you do not photograph inside historic houses. However, subsequent commercial use of such photographs and video/film footage requires prior written permission from The Trustees of Reservations; fees will likely apply. Commissioned or commercial photography, film & video of any kind requires a prior contractual agreement with The Trustees of Reservations; fees will likely apply. Photography for stock purposes is not allowed.

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