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Hunting on Trustees Properties

How do The Trustees of Reservations determine where hunting is permitted?

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Several factors determine whether or not hunting is permitted at a particular reservation, including:

  • town laws,
  • ecological conditions of reservation, including the health of its plant communities and wildlife,
  • historical precedents for hunting,
  • the wishes of the donor of the land (where applicable),
  • size of the property,
  • level of visitation, and
  • density of surrounding development.

Download our policy on hunting (pdf).

Have you seen this hunting symbol on this web site?    

  • If so, hunting is permitted on that reservation during hunting season. Details about any regulations governing hunting on that reservation are provided on the reservation’s web page. Remember: state law prohibits all forms of hunting on Sundays!
  • If not, hunting is prohibited at that reservation at all times.
    Click here to do a reservation search on hunting to find out where hunting is permitted.

What can visitors do to protect themselves?

  • Be alert. Always be alert when visiting reservations during hunting season:On reservations where hunting is permitted, observe signs that are posted, wear bright orange or red clothing, and hike only on clearly marked trails.On reservations where hunting is prohibited, hunting may still take place without the knowledge or consent of The Trustees of Reservations. In addition, where hunting is permitted on adjacent land or in the vicinity of a reservation, but prohibited on the reservation itself, the potential exists for trespass by hunters; in these cases, avoid using trails along reservation boundaries. We encourage the public to report any violations to The Trustees, local police, or state environmental police.
  • Be informed. There are a number of simultaneous and overlapping hunting seasons during the year that together make for a longer hunting season than one might think.

Learn more from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ MassWildlife website.

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