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Many thousands of years ago, glacial action helped form the Cape and the two large islands situated off its southern shoreline: Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Today, you can still witness the impacts of the massive ice sheet on these magnificent landscapes, from the Vineyard's sea cliffs and Nantucket's Great Point to the immaculate "kettle hole" ponds and tidal rivers of the Cape.

With seven Trustees properties to discover on the island, there is something for everyone. Swim, drive, tour, learn, kayak, paddleboard, meditate, fish, hike, bike, eat, and more! Explore our Vineyard reservations below, and find events happening on-island, nearby on Cape Cod or just offshore, at our Nantucket reservation, Coskata-Coatue.

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Over-Sand Permits and Tours

2023 Over-Sand vehicle permits are on sale now. OSV Permits must be purchased online in advance. Call the Mytoi gatehouse at 508.627.3599 to schedule your Cape Poge Lighthouse Tour.
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The Trustees has been protecting the Massachusetts shores for over 100 years. In total we own and protect over 120 miles of coastline in Massachusetts with 35 properties including 75 miles of coastline located in 25 different communities, more than any other single private landowner in the state. In the face of climate change and coastal development, we have a responsibility to champion and innovate, bringing a new energy and focus to bear for the future of our coastal places.

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