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The Trustees has been protecting the Massachusetts shores for over 100 years.

Beloved beaches, shorebirds, and historic oceanfront estates are all under our care, and we see thousands of visitors each year. In total we own and protect over 120 miles of coastline in Massachusetts with 35 properties including 75 miles of coastline located in 25 different communities, representing 16% of all protected coastline in MA, and more than any other single private landowner in the state. In the face of climate change and coastal development, we have a responsibility to champion and innovate, bringing a new energy and focus to bear for the future of our coastal places.

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We are proud to protect and steward 120 miles of shore in 25 of the state’s 78 coastal communities, including 26 miles of beaches and dunes, islands, 2,300 acres of salt marsh, and miles of rocky coasts and islands—all landscapes of extraordinary ecological value, and some of our most dynamic. We invite you to explore these special, ever-changing reservations, and experience the coast in new and active ways!

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Joining with communities, researchers, and organizations as partners who care about the Massachusetts coast we are working to protect new areas of coast and advance new approaches that lead the way towards sustaining healthy and accessible coastal places for the future. Explore our microsite, linked below, to learn more.

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Boston Waterfront Initiative

The Trustees’ Boston Waterfront Initiative, One Waterfront, advances a bold vision for iconic, public open space on the Boston waterfront, with a goal to create and manage significant parks that serve as world-class destinations to increase our stature as a city on the coast. One Waterfront seeks to create accessible, climate-resilient open space that serves diverse community needs and brings value to our vulnerable harbor city.

One Waterfront

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Visit our coastal microsite (linked below) to read about about current projects, listen to coastal podcast episodes, meet the coastal team, and learn how to get involved.
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