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The Trustees of Reservations has been stewarding many of Massachusetts’ scenic, natural, and historic assets for over 125 years.

As The Trustees’ Boston presence has expanded in the last decade, we have become increasingly aware of the opportunities for positive change along the City’s waterfront as well as the critical issues that threaten its world-class reputation. Most notably, these include a lack of quality open space that provides community amenities, signature beauty or waterfront identity; significant vulnerability to major weather events; the lack of a cohesive waterfront plan amongst City stakeholders; and haphazard development and municipal planning.

Our response to these opportunities and challenges is our Boston Waterfront Initiative, which advances a bold vision for iconic, public open space on the Boston waterfront. Our goal is to contribute to the City’s quality of life by creating and managing a significant park or parks that serve as a world-class destination and increase our stature as a city on the coast, support diverse community needs and accessibility, bring value to Boston’s climate resiliency goals, and create financially feasible open space that has a viable plan for its long-term care. Visit our microsite to explore our vision, concepts, and to subscribe for updates as our initiative progresses.

“We’re talking about a new era of space design and a new era of parks funding that follows a different model than Boston has ever seen before.”

Barbara Erickson, President & CEO, The Trustees

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