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The Trustees protect and steward beaches at Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, Wasque and Long Point Wildlife Refuge.

The Trustees has been protecting the Massachusetts shores for 130 years. In total we own and protect over 120 miles of coastline in Massachusetts with 35 properties including 75 miles of coastline located in 25 different communities, more than any other single private landowner in the state.

We often think of beaches as a constant in our lives, largely because of the emotional pull they have for so many of us. But beaches are also naturally fragile and dynamic sandy places, where storms can erode what currents may gradually restore. Climate change is disrupting this natural rhythm with sea level rise and stronger storms accelerating impacts to these landscapes. Our work on the coast continues to be a combination of conservation and targeted adaptation to address these challenges.

Learn more about current and projected impacts, projects, and adaptions, by exploring the content below.

Looking for beach closure information? On-site staff regularly post updates on Twitter (@TheTrusteesMV) and on our informational line (508.627.8390) when flooding, storms, or shorebird activity have any impacts on access. 

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