JULY 24-28, 2023

ThemeHome is a safe haven and comfort zone. Sometimes it’s not a place, but a person or even a certain time. Soil is a home for roots, worms, burrowing animals, fossils, basements, subways. A pen is a home for ink. When the ink is transferred to paper, the paper becomes the ink’s new home.

Project Campers will explore what, where, when, and who is home for them. They will explore everyday objects and materials to see them in new ways. The week’s installation is a neighborhood of the ordinary becoming extraordinary and the simple pleasures of home celebrated.

Inspired by Park artist Jarrett Mellenbruch’s elevated sculpture Haven, a custom-built home for hardworking honeybees. Mellenbruch’s research helped him create the perfect space—everything from Haven’s size and materials to the measurements of the interior spaces were designed to make bees feel safe and comfortable. The elevated exterior is designed to put humans at ease, referencing a safe and serene simple rural farmhouse, ensuring we are all at home here on Earth together!

The hive Camp Themes