campers carry a handmade boat

Nature Catalysts: Moving Stories Along
July 22-26, 2024

ThemeFrom fairy tales to folklore, the environment perseveres through overgrowth, extreme weather, and uncanny moments of calm. A dense, thorny bramble swiftly grows to protect a castle’s sleeping occupant. A cyclone touches down and elevates a farmhouse before depositing it in a faraway land. At daybreak, a rider appears clad in white upon a ridge thanks to the sun’s constantly brilliant rays. Nature can take a starring role in the narrative: protector, disruptor, hero, antagonist, and narrator!

Project Camper collaborations will take family and friends through sculptural stories of nature celebrating biodiversity through narratives. There’s variety among species within a variety of interconnected and interdependent ecosystems. Campers will place unlikely characters in the spotlight of their fairy tales and together celebrate the rich variety of life on Earth through stories highlighting nature.

Inspired by the sculptures in the Park which are dependent on an element from nature to become fully activated. Andy Goldsworthy’s Watershed is beautifully crafted of stone, but the artist’s vision is only fully realized when it rains, channeling water from the museum roof on its way to neighboring Flint’s Pond. George Rickey’s kinetic sculpture, Three Lines, animates with the slightest of breezes playing through the air, becoming more dramatic as gusty winds blow.

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