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JULY 19–23, 2021

Week 3 Theme Where do you go to be warm and snuggly when it’s blustering outside? What things do you put in your room to make it feel like your own space? Why does a classroom feel different from a living room? What makes a space feel cozy, magical, or creepy? Let’s use our senses to notice our surroundings and consider how architecture and objects shape and reflect our lives.

Week 3 Project Become a designer of spaces and everyday objects that create positive behaviors and experiences. Can you craft a mug that, when held, makes people sing? Can you build a doorway that allows smells from your memories to wash over you or, when opened, changes you forever? Consider all your senses when inventing objects that challenge, nurture, and inspire!

Inspired by Art on Exhibit
When we step into Dan Graham’s Crazy Spheroid – Two Entrances interior, we find ourselves reflected and transported. Artist Sonya Clark asks us to reconsider everyday objects and how their constructions, colors, and textures affect the way we engage with and establish identity. Michael Sailstrofer’s Factories combines, reconstructs, and recycles familiar materials to engage viewers in unexpected sensory experiences and create radical shifts of meaning.

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