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Family Fun

remote hive

For curious kids who want to think, discover, and make things together.

This summer, inspiration comes from 180 years ago. Vibrant, insightful, experimental, cross-disciplinary, and hands-on making philosophies – sounds just like the hive, right? Transcendentalists of the 1840s as well as contemporary artists of the upcoming exhibition, Visionary New England, will ignite new possibilities for activating both the past and the future. Plus, world-renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy’s new installation in the Park will inspire campers to look at nature and capture its energy and beauty in pioneering ways!

Why the hive? A week at the hive is more than art making. It’s about communicating, problem solving, celebrating individuals, seeing from new perspectives, and coming together to accomplish challenging goals. It’s a week when friendships are forged and confidence is built. Each camper’s personal interests and unique abilities are welcomed and everyone learns from each other. The campers’ joyful pride in their accomplishments is shared with family and friends each week at the Friday Celebration. This year, the Friday Celebration will take place on one of the camp’s virtual platforms!

STEM/STEAM concepts are embedded throughout the hive. This interdisciplinary immersion relates to real world problem solving and erases the artificial lines typically drawn between the arts, the sciences, and other fields. Large-scale, collaborative projects parallel the joint work of artists, engineers, curators, and landscape designers that informs the Sculpture Park. Active indoor and outdoor explorations invite all learning styles to be engaged and contribute equally.

My son has adored the Hive for the past 2 years–it sparks so much creativity and joyful experimentation. I wasn’t sure if the remote Hive could live up to that, but it’s been a wonderful experience. The box of materials got him interested and creating right away, and I’ve been tremendously impressed with the instructors as well. They share works of art to inspire the kids and provide prompts, suggestions, and challenges as needed, all while following the kids’ lead in what–and how–they explore. My son was happily engaged for the entire morning and came back to work on his projects independently after lunch! For a busy parent during a pandemic, it’s a lifesaver, but I’d recommend it even during non-pandemic times.

– Parent of hiver