JULY 10-14, 2023

ThemeGathering to share a meal is special. From mid-week, fast-paced dinners to special occasion feasts, coming together can feed our souls as well as our bodies. How do we help others feel comfortable? Awkwardness is often remedied by a welcoming word or setting the table or listening to a story about the food. Cultures are passed down through everyday culinary traditions.

ProjectA camper designed and constructed celebratory experiential banquet. The week begins with campers sharing routines and rituals about food and gatherings special to their family and friends or new ones they would like to make. Before arriving at the party, guests will navigate a camper-devised collaborative obstacle course where they will be asked to assemble contributions to the tablescape and menu.

Inspired by artist Ioanna Pantazopoulou whose installation,  Jungle Prosthetics: Enchanted Forest, throws a celebration for a grove of trees with an ornate chandelier centerpiece – complete with disco ball “party shoes”.  Her assemblage of repurposed materials even glows with festive lights when the sun goes down.

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