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JULY 5–9, 2021

Week 1 Theme We often wonder about the behaviors and inner worlds of animals. We think they’re cute, strange, comical, or fierce. . . but what do they think of us? Imagine looking through the eyes of an animal to observe the puzzling behaviors of humans at a dance party, traveling on an airplane, or playing a video game. What advice would they give us? What jokes would they tell about us? By looking to and learning from animals, we can see the world differently and create a more balanced world for all.

Week 1 Project Engineer a way for humans and animals to travel inspired by the migratory patterns of local wildlife. Compose an interspecies opera alongside grasshoppers and sparrows. Construct a park where squirrels can play and collect without distraction or danger. As we learn from critters and creatures, how will human behavior and activities be shaped?

Inspired by Art on Exhibit Jarrett Mellenbruch’s Haven creates a sanctuary for honeybee populations by blending human-designed architecture with bee colony preferences. John Raimondi’s Lupus captures the spirit of the wolf in this bronze sculpture designed to inspire deeper connections between humans and animals. Rona Pondick symbolically blends her body with that of an otter in a way that suggests understanding, empathy, and compassion for the natural world in Otter.

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