A child plays at The Hive

Creature Constructions: Homes for Great and Small
JULY 8-12, 2024

ThemeFrom bug snugs to bee hives to burrows, animals great and small seek out spaces where they feel safe and comfortable. Some homes are meticulously and lovingly constructed. Some are serendipitously stumbled upon. Some have evolved over centuries. Dwellings may be found anywhere: lofted high in the forest canopy, hidden in plain sight, or deep underwater near hydrothermal volcanic vents.

ProjectCampers will design and construct architecture for wildlife they have encountered in real life, read about in books, or created from imaginative stories dear to their hearts. Explore nature as home through fiber and grass weavings, assembling branches and leaves, molding clay into 3-D structures, and lots more!

Inspired by Jarrett Mellenbruch’s Haven and Hugh Hayden’s Huff and a Puff that each explores the nature of home. Mellenbruch’s elevated sculpture is a functioning custom-built hive for hardworking honeybees. Everything from Haven’s size, materials, and measurements were designed to make bees feel safe and comfortable in an ever-threatening natural environment. The title of Hayden’s tilted cabin references the wooden home of the Three Little Pigs standing strong against the Big Bad Wolf. Despite the precarious 20-degree forward and sideways lean, Huff and a Puff resolutely withstands the title’s forceful gale.

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