JULY 17-21, 2023

ThemeBrilliant orange and black monarch butterflies feed on toxic plants to reserve poison for their own defense. Though strikingly beautiful, colorful insects may be venomous or poisonous. Beware the shrubberies covered in an armor of thorns. Is a twig moving or is a stick insect making its way home? A large juicy leaf disguises itself as an unappetizing tree trunk so a hungry rhino doesn’t munch it for a snack. Warning messages sent with color and shape assert one kind of protection, while camouflage offers another. Protective features from plants and insects inspire fashion as well as practical attire.

ProjectCampers will design and fabricate sharable, wearable sculptures drawing inspiration from nature and their own individual identities. Clothing can communicate with others – do we want to reveal ourselves, or disguise ourselves? Family and friends are invited into a camper constructed habitat to try on interchangeable bits and bobs.

Inspired by artworks that blend into their surroundings or create illusions with unexpected uses of materials. Park artist, Beverly Pepper’s Silent Presence  both blends into the landscape and asserts itself with verticality.

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