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JULY 12–16, 2021

Week 2 Theme We use monuments to preserve an important moment or idea forever in time, staying still in a world that is ever-changing. If ideas change over time, why can’t our monuments change with them? How can you use monuments to broadcast your values? What if our monument grew wings, spoke a new language, or changed and moved like clouds in the sky? Let’s see what happens when we dare to create teeny-tiny or larger-than-life monuments that are interactive and alive.

Week 2 Project Let’s reimagine monuments to both remember our past and look to our future. Hivers will play with scale and construct sculptures activated by humans, the landscape, and natural elements. They will invite visitors to explore these living monuments, creating spaces to amplify and celebrate our unique values and voices.

Inspired by Art on Exhibit Sonya Clark’s Monumental Cloth, the Flag We Should Know, recreates a humble dishcloth used to end the Civil War into a large-scale monument that symbolizes freedom for all. Jim Dine’s Two Big Black Hearts recreates and combines commonplace objects to create new narratives of personal memory. Esther Kläs’s Ferma (5) calls our attention downward to the land to celebrate what is present and what is ever-changing as the seasons pass.

The hive Camp Themes