AUGUST 7-11, 2023

ThemeFairy tales ignite imaginations and are tools for learning, building empathy, and sharing perspectives. But it’s important to remember to question assumptions a story asks its readers to make. Villains aren’t always the evil characters they first appear, just as narrators aren’t always reliably objective. A tale told from only one perspective misses half the story. What will happen when campers share the story and the telling?

ProjectCampers will explore storytelling through words and pictures. They will craft true or fictionalized narratives of objects found in the Sculpture Park. Open a camper-created choose-your-own-adventure book and a sculpted fractal web of options will tumble from its pages. The centerpiece of this week’s camper installation is a pergola framing floating stories. Text and images lofted in the air on fabric gently blowing in the breeze will be seen from the Sculpture Terrace above and on the lawn below for family and friends to “read” the whole story.

Campers will see connections in narrative artworks with Carlos Dorrien’s doorway and flying carpet made of granite in Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories and Saul Melman’s evocative Best of All Possible Worlds.  

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