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AUGUST 2–6, 2021

Week 5 Theme
We see plants every day, but how well do we know them? How did they get here, and what do they care about? Plants talk, move, and cooperate in ways that we don’t necessarily notice. Let’s fine-tune our senses so that we can hear their voices and make friends with some of the vibrant plant personalities that call deCordova home.

Week 5 Project Let’s explore and celebrate the diversity of plant life that surrounds us. Conduct an interview with a geranium. Create a disguise to blend in with the clover so you can observe them more closely. Learn a dance from a weeping beech tree. What will we discover when we take the time to see plants as individuals and appreciate them for who they truly are?

Inspired by Art on Exhibit Richard Rosenblum’s Venusvine, a mystical sculpture cast from roots of wisteria vines recalls a writhing and tangled spirit bursting out of the earth. Alan Sonfist’s Endangered Species of New England and the seed capsules buried beneath them probe the relationships between humans, nature, and the world they share. Barbara Norfleet’s and Laura McPhee’s photographs highlight spaces abandoned or damaged by human use and help us wonder how non-humans inhabit the world differently than we do.

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