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JULY 26–30, 2021

Week 4 Theme Maps and stories are interwoven. They help orient us, direct us, show us where we have been, and point us to where we are going. What would your life story look like mapped out on a page or projected onto a landscape? How do we chart a hero’s journey or a rite of passage? How do our relationships with the art and landscape around us help us find our way home?

Week 4 Project Go on an expedition throughout deCordova’s grounds! Act as cartographers and guides, telling your stories and recording your epic voyages using movement, sculpture, and storytelling. View the museum in a whole new light while enjoying your personalized adventure!

Inspired by Art on Exhibit Ron Rudnicki’s Rain Gates compels us to explore meandering rocky paths with no specific direction or goal in mind. Lars Fisk’s Street Ball inspires us to think about maps in unconventional, three-dimensional ways. Wonder about the way history is mapped through ourselves and nature as we look upon the constellations in Sonya Clark’s Heavenly Bound.

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