Children paint a canvas laid on the grass

Portals: Over, Under, Through
July 29-August 2, 2024

ThemeFeel welcomed into a sanctuary for humans, plants, and animals. All are invited to enter and find refuge and friendship. Portals suggest possibility—what (or who?) might be on the other side? Openings large and small offer travelers a new adventure above ground or below, under the water, or through the sky.

ProjectCampers will design and construct portals for humans to move through and peer into. Dramatic doorways and windows will cover deCordova’s lawns. Imaginative shadow boxes may open to an upside-down reality, an intergalactic realm, or an underwater labyrinth. What you will find through the portal may be completely expected or utterly surprising!

Inspired by Saul Melman’s Best of All Possible Worlds featuring mysterious, floating doors that are actually arranged in the configuration of the artist’s Brooklyn apartment. The textured plastic doors blur the appearance of what lies on the other side for all who peer through and wonder who lives there. Unmarked and buried in the Park is Lowry Burgess’s Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture. The sculpture made from “media of the universe” having “infinite dimensions” has the potential to be the portal forging connections between humanity, the future, and the unknown.

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