Outdoor Recreation

Finding Signs of Spring

Welcome, gentle breezes, warming sunshine, and new life blossoming all around!

Springtime in Massachusetts is time to revel in the renewed softness of breezes, the lingering of sunlight in the evenings, and a sense of boundless possibility.

Whether you yearn to catch a glimpse of migratory birds or simply to bask in a warm patch of sunshine, you can delight your senses in signs of spring at each of our 120 properties. Looking for inspiration? Here are a few of our favorites.

For Spring Ephemerals

After the snow melts, explore the woodlands of Bart’s Cobble and Bear Swamp Reservation for some delicate and fleeting wildflowers.

For Singing Frogs

Wetlands, especially vernal ponds at Farandnear and Doyle Community Park, are havens for spring peepers, wood frogs, and more.

For Migratory Birds

Spring birding is best by the coast. Check out our coastal properties like Halibut Point, Cornell Farm, and World’s End.

For Blooming Gardens

Daffodils, magnolias, and tulips, oh my! Visit three of our public gardens for a cornucopia of blooms: Long Hill, Naumkeag, and Allen P. Haskell Public Gardens.

For rushing water

Spring snowmelt and ice thaw bring some amazing opportunities to experience the thrill of the crashing waters of our local streams and falls. Get out to Brooks Woodland or Swift River Reservation to take in the sights and sounds of local watersheds.

For baby farm animals

Spring would not be complete without our farm babies. To experience the outdoors in the company of some new life, head on over to Chestnut Hill Farm, Appleton Farms, or Weir River Farm. Want to get up close and personal with these critters? Be sure to sign up for an on-site program.