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Favorite Places to Take a Nap

You're getting sleepy...

Nap at Field Farm

As the weather transitions from summer to fall, you may feel less need to hurry around. It’s the season of recharging and what better way to do so than a cat nap?

Hiking and exploring the great outdoors is great, but have you tried napping in nature? Fall is around the corner and you know what that means: it’s napping weather season.  Because it’s not too hot and not too cold, but just the right temperature to lull you to sleep.

Nappers delight in this season, so for anyone who feels a little tired, get out and get horizontal because we’ve put together a well-vetted list of the Best Places to Take a Nap all around the state of Massachusetts.

Appleton Farms,  Ipswich, MA

Appleton Farms is a prime birding spot. The grasslands provide habitat for one of New England’s largest populations of bobolinks and meadowlarks. Spend the day hiking the property, looking for these majestic creatures. Or maybe you’d like a guided hike? Appleton Farms has a wide array including hiking for beer or the very popular full moon hikes. Either way, you will likely be ready for a some food and a nap. If it’s the weekend, stop by for the woodfired pizza. Spread out a blanket and start counting sheep.

Bartholomew’s Cobble, Sheffield, MA

Bart’s Cobble has so many varied nap-spots for every kind of nap-personality.

  • Has the Screen House nestled in the woods near the river.
  • Plenty of spots along the river to look out over the nearby farm fields (bonus: there’s cows that sometimes walk into the river)
  • There’s an awesome scenic vista spot on Hurlburt’s Hill
Coolidge Reservation,  Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

All the sounds that are peaceful can be found at Coolidge Reservation. The soothing sounds of waves crashing against our rocky shorelines and breeze rustling through meadows. It’s the perfect audio for a sleepcast.

Doane’s Falls,  Royalston, MA

Picture this: You, gently rocking to sleep in a hammock between two trees. The sounds of the rushing waterfall ease you into slumber as the mist wafts softly through the calm forest air.

Dunes’ Edge Campgrounds, Provincetown, MA

After exploring miles of beachfront only minutes away from Dunes’ Edge. Or taking in the nightlife in P-Town, you might find that you are grateful that you booked a rustic bungalow at the campground. Now all you need to do is drift off to sleep to the sound of the waves…

Farandnear, Shirley, MA

Farandnear is the perfect place to get away from crowds to catch some z’s. But not too far away. Also, lots of birdsong to lull you to sleep.

Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA

Fruitlands Museum takes beds and sleeping very seriously! Take a tour of the Fruitlands Farmhouse and Shaker Gallery to see examples of Shaker-style beds or the attic where Louisa May Alcott and her sisters slept and inspired scenes in Little Women. Afterwards wander back to the cafe for lunch and then perhaps you’ll be inspired bring a blanket and take a nap on the scenic hill. p.s. We know the colonial beds look comfortable but guests are not encouraged to actually nap in them.

Guest House at Field Farm, Williamstown, MA

You will think you are dreaming when you visit Field Farm. The breathtaking vistas and scenery are eye-popping. Hiking trails abound at this enormous property as well as hiking opportunities nearby. Spend the day exploring the trails. Or if art is more of your thing, explore the nearby museums. Then drift off to sleep dreaming of your delicious Inn breakfast and view of the mountains in the morning.

Inn at Castle Hill, Ipswich, MA

There is so much to do at the Crane Estate, might we suggest booking the Inn at Castle Hill so that you can take cat naps to recharge in between all your fun activities? Start the day at Crane beach (pass included in your stay) and work up a sweat exploring the dune trails. One of our favorite nap-spots is simply spreading out a blanket on the beach. Or how about a tour of the great house at Castle Hill, paired with a walk around the gardens and the Grand Allée. In the warmer months end the day with a sunset kayaking tour and your commute “home” to your bed at the Inn will be short where you are sure to sleep well!

Jewell Hill, Ashby, MA

The Hudson Overlook at Jewell Hill is the perfect spot to nap.  Gentle breezes and views of forested hills as far as the eye can see. Serenity!

Mytoi, Chappaquiddick, MA

At Mytoi, meditation and relaxation are central themes to this unique spot. Featuring a rustic shelter and surrounded by a pine grove for privacy – perfect for a quick eye-rest.

​Questing, New Marlborough, MA

At Questing, Native Americans may have passed through and camped here, so sleeping may have occurred there going way back. There are cool stone walls you can lean up against to catch a snooze. And the quiet is perfect for an undisturbed rest.

Tully Lake Campground, Royalston, MA

Hammock by a lake. Need we say more?

Weir River Farm, Hingham, MA

Weir River Farm simply feels like home. The moment you step out of your car, you’re greeted by the rolling hills and the beautiful red barn. It’s like a warm hug for your soul. Looking out over the landscape, the stress of work and life just drift away on the breeze.