Pioneer Valley

Dinosaur Footprints


8 acres

Hundreds of prehistoric tracks—the first dinosaur prints ever to be scientifically described—revealed in slabs of sandstone.


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See and touch real dinosaur footprint fossils at Dinosaur Footprints in Holyoke, MA! This Trustees property features the first dinosaur prints ever scientifically described.

Dinosaur tracks are Massachusetts’ state fossil. Paleontologists believe the prints were left by some of the earliest known dinosaurs, from small plant-eaters to large meat-eaters up to 20 feet long. The entire Connecticut River Valley region once existed as a mix of subtropical wetlands and shallow lakes about 200 million years ago. Since their discovery in 1802, this region has been recognized for its wealth of prehistoric footprints.

Ideas for Your Visit

Catch glimpses of the trace fossils visible onsite, including four distinct dinosaurs, stromatolites, fish, and alligator ancestors, plants, and other ancient beings. The larger “Eubrontes” prints were likely made by ancestors of the great Tyrannosaurus rex, standing 15 feet tall and 20 feet long. Look for the 20-plus trackways, which formed the basis for the novel theory that dinosaurs traveled in packs or groups.

Admission & Hours

FREE to all

April 1 to November 30, daily, sunrise to sunset.

Closed in winter due to icy, slippery conditions.

Allow a minimum of ½ hour.

Directions & Contact Info

Route 5
Holyoke, MA 01040
Telephone: 413.213.4751

Get directions on Google Maps.

From Points North: From I-91 South, take Exit 23 to Rt. 5 South toward Holyoke. Follow for 5.2 mi. to entrance on left.

From Points South: From I-91 North take Exit 15A to Rt. 141 East toward Holyoke. Turn left onto Rt. 5 North and follow for 2.2 mi. to entrance on right.

Reservation has small roadside turnout for parking (April 1 to November 30; 7 cars).

Public Transportation:
BLUE 48 Bus (Northampton/Veterans Park; Connection to Holyoke Mall) Flagstop route. Stand on side of the road to catch bus; ask driver to stop at Dinosaur Footprints.
For bus details, click here .

Property Map

We recommend that you take a photo of the map on your phone so you can refer to it during your visit, or download a trail map before you head out.

Regulations & Advisories

  • Hunting is not permitted at this reservation. Learn more about hunting on Trustees properties.
  • Please respect the ancient and fragile footprints and fossils so future generations may enjoy seeing them. Castings of the prints is not allowed because it damages the prints.
  • For visitor safety, Guilford Transportation, which owns the railroad corridor, does not permit crossing of railroad tracks. As such, there is no legal access to the Connecticut River.
  • Dogs must be kept on leash at all times.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: We ask that photographers or their clients become Contributing Level Members before conducting portrait sessions at this property. Click here for more information, and to request permission for any portrait sessions. The Trustees of Reservations reserves the right, and may give permission to its designated photographers and videographers, or to outside media, to photograph or video visitors and program participants at all its facilities and properties.
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Super cool stop along Rte 5! Only about 100 feet down an easy hill you come to the flat sandstone and start looking! They were fun to search for and easy to find. Perfect spot for kids that love Dinos and adults, like us, that love them too!

NewJerseySass, Trip Advisor

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