Tips to Enjoy Hot Weather

Our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors when the temperatures rise.

We’ve compiled some tips and our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors when temperatures rise. This may be a good time to slow down and give your mind and body a moment to rest and refresh before the hustle of fall begins.

As always, make sure that you are properly hydrated, wear sunscreen and dressed appropriately when going outside in hot weather. Here are our favorite ways to enjoy the summer weather.

1. Go out earlier in the day when the sun isn’t so strong and temperatures are lower.

A sunrise hike is especially rewarding and you can do this on your own or join one of our guided hikes.

2. Go out when the sun goes down.

Our full moon hikes are the perfect way to explore by the light of the moon!

3. Embrace the heat and go to the beach!

Ocean water is typically also colder and can provide a refreshing break even if you are taking a walk on the beach through the water. Check out all of the Trustees beach options.

4. Combine a museum visit and a slow hike.

Check out an exhibit (and the air conditioning) at Fruitlands Museums. Then follow that up with either a stroll around deCordova’s Sculpture park which also incudes many shady spots or a slow hike on the Fruitlands trails. Bonus, both museums also have cafes to get cold, refreshing drinks and food afterwards.

5. Visit our islands off of Marblehead.

Plan a trip to Gerry Island or Crowninshield Island where you can do a slow hike and then splash into the water afterwards

6. Head for the coast.

Temperatures are typically lower on the coast and sometimes with a cool breeze. Check out our favorite coastal hikes.

7. Go for a paddle.

Head to the water for a kayaking adventure. We offer many guided kayaking tours across the state.

8. Take an easy hike.

This one is for everybody from newbies to experts looking for ways to get hikes in without high exertion. Check our curated list of places where the trails are shorter, flatter and well-suited for a quick break from a busy day or spending a leisurely afternoon outdoors. 

9. Take a walk in a park or our gardens.

Plan a leisuirely stroll through our parks or gardens which offer many shaded spots to sit and reflect on the beauty around you. Consider packing a picnic to make an afternoon of it.

10. Have a cold beer.

What is more refreshing than a cold beer on a summer day? Check out our hike for beer events  or visit one of our biergartens or other beer events.

11. Grill!

Bright sunshine, warm temperatures, and long days means that summer grilling season is here. At our Farm Stores (Appleton Farms in Ipswich, Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough, Powisset Farm in Dover, and Weir River Farm in Hingham), you can fill your grill with the highest quality Trustees Grown meats, including 100% grass-fed beef & lamb and pastured pork and chicken. Whatever you’re grilling, here are some terrific tips from Chef Thi at Powisset Farm and a recipe to accompany your Trustees Grown meats.