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We want to hear from you!

We Want to Hear from You!

Wonder and dream with us. What do you hope for deCordova? 

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The experience of visiting deCordova has long imbued visitors with a strong sense of the powerful connections between art and the natural world. During this temporary hiatus of indoor exhibitions, we want to use this time to reimagine the next chapter in deCordova’s story, and we need your help!

Last summer and fall, we hosted community convenings, a symposium, and an exhibition exploring what it means to be deeply engaged in questions of the environment. The Nature of the Museum invites the public to share their vision for deCordova with key staff members and stakeholders.

“My dream for deCordova would be that a native presence exists within infrastructure, with regards to the building… Looking at how a building could mirror traditional structures.”


“The value of seasonal change at deCordova, one of the most impressive experiences I’ve had is seeing snow falling on Ursula von Rydingsvard’s work. I wonder what kind of projects can meaningfully interact with seasonal change.”

A design-driven exhibition, opened in February 2024, explores the question, what is the Nature of the Museum. Inspired by dynamic community conversations, diverse perspectives, and the history of the institution, this exhibition represents deCordova’s past, present, and future through objects, design plans, artist renderings, and stories learned through our community convenings.

We invite you to join the conversation! Please write to us as we imagine what lies ahead for the Museum and Sculpture Park. You can share images, videos, stories, and more via the email submission box below.

Some questions to consider as you compose your email:

  • What is your strongest, most poignant memory of deCordova?
  • What words come to mind when you think about art in nature?
  • What role can the Museum building play in bridging indoor and outdoor experiences at deCordova
  • What role can art play in how we think about the natural world?
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“Sometimes on my way home, when I was really stressed out, I would stop at deCordova and walk around. I was struck by how constantly changing it was, like it was a living museum. It’s a little secret of mine that when I’m stressed out, I go walk around deCordova because we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors at a lot of our museums.”

– MetroWest Community Member

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What do you hope for deCordova?

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