Art & the Landscape

Trustees properties—rich in cultural, historical, and natural substance—provide platforms for inspiration and meaning. In our multi-year initiative to share compelling contemporary art in the context of a public landscape with Trustees members and visitors, we aim to surprise, delight, and intrigue visitors with unique new works at our iconic properties. Each creation in the Art & the Landscape series is site-specific, designed to help tell the story of these treasured places, and tie together threads of art, nature, community, and history. And for our youngest visitors, these larger-than-life experiences can spark lifelong interests in arts and culture.


Huff and A Puff

A slanted replica of the one-room home where Henry David Thoreau lived in relative isolation and wrote Walden-Or A Life in the Woods in 1845.
"Huff & a Puff"


Mixed-media artist Rose B. Simpson's work featuring 12 figural sculptures standing tall to honor marginalized people and cultures, June 2022-April 2023 at Field Farm.

A New End

Jeppe Hein, "A New End", 2016 at World's End.
“A New End”

The Meeting House

Sam Durant, "The Meeting House", 2016 at The Old Manse
“The Meeting House”


Alicja Kwade, "TunnelTeller", 2017 at The Crane Estate

New Horizon

Doug Aitken, "New Horizon", 2019 at multiple locations.
"New Horizon”
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