Historic Collections

Our collections include some 50,000 objects, 95 cultural landscapes, 72 archaeological sites, seven “libraries” with more 6,000 books, and much more. The Trustees preserves the material culture of indigenous peoples, farmers, families, gardeners, industrialists, household staff, philosophers, immigrants, collectors, naturalists, artists, authors, and many others.

Through careful curatorial research, object conservation, and authorship of a public narrative, our collections deepen and enrich our understandings of our properties and the people who have lived, worked, and visited them. Our objects, ranging from ancient archaeological artifacts to contemporary art, are more than historical assets: they are the tangible evidence of the past. From the artisans who crafted each object to the owners who used them or appreciated their beauty, our objects provide stage setting and focus to our site engagement, written word, and credibility.

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