Trustees Zoom Backgrounds

Do you sit in Zoom meetings wishing that you were at your favorite Trustees property? Well we can’t get you out of your meetings but we can at least help spruce up your virtual calls.

Download Appleton Farms
Photo credit: Sarah Rydgren

Download Bartholomew’s Cobble
Photo credit: Richard Cheek

Download Bradley Estate
Photo credit: Krista Photography

Download Castle Hill
Photo credit: Sarah Bastille

Download Coskata-Coatue
Photo credit: J Coutre

Download Crane Beach
Photo credit: E Monnelly

Download deCordova
Photo: Courtesy of The Trustees

Download Fruitlands Museum
Photo: Courtesy of The Trustees

Download Long Point
Photo: Trustees/Matthew Mullin

Download Monument Mountain
Photo credit: Richard Cheek

Download Noanet Woodlands
Photo credit: Trustees/Pete Marotta

Download Notchview
Photo credit: J. Monkman

Download Old Town Hill
Photo credit: Richard Cheek

Download The Old Manse
Photo credit: David Kasabian

Download Tully Lake
Photo credit: J Monkman

Download Wasque
Photo credit: Tom Kates

Download World’s End
Photo credit: Trustees/Pete Marotta

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