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Finding Mindfulness on Martha’s Vineyard

The Trustees' Martha's Vineyard properties and programs offer visitors a chance to connect with themselves and the world around them.

Throughout the summer, the Trustees offered several programs on Martha’s Vineyard centered around mindfulness. From yoga with YogiJay at Long Point Wildlife Refuge and Cape Poge, to sunset hikes, full moon kayaking, and more, our properties offered an escape from the hustle and bustle of summer Island life. 

Summer may be winding down, but on Martha’s Vineyard, our programs continue, with offerings that welcome visitors to decompress and connect to the beauty around them, a much-needed respite from the busy summer months. 

“Summer is the busiest time of year for all Trustees staff on Martha’s Vineyard. We work hard and play harder at our seven Trustees locations.” said Caroline Drogin, Islands Engagement Manager. “Fall becomes our time to slow down, reflect on our summer successes, and enjoy caring for our special properties. It’s important to share that reflection and care with our visitors, to help them understand that the island thrives outside of the heady summer days.” 


At Mytoi, not only can you lower your tire pressure to head out to the beach in your oversand vehicle, but you can lower your blood pressure with a trip through the pristine Japanese Gardens, meticulously cared for by Island Steward Oliver Valdes, f, Chappaquiddick Fine Gardener Donna Kelly and her team, and 40-year dedicated volunteer, Lindsay Allison. Whether you choose to take a walk on your own or join volunteer Lindsay Allison who has been offering tours of the garden for over 40 years, meandering Mytoi offers an escape from the world around. 

“Mytoi’s proximity to Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge creates a unique opportunity for rest and relaxation,” Caroline shared. “Cape Poge offers wide views and intense colors; osprey circle far above beachgoers and the sun creates infinite summer days. Mytoi, in comparison, allows visitors to look inwards and travel slowly; you can appreciate the texture of a larch or the ripple of a snapping turtle’s trail through the pond.” 

In October, join us at Mytoi for a hands-on workshop learning about the meditative art of bonsai pruning. Register here.

Menemsha Hills & The Brickyard

New this summer, the Trustees is offering a sunset hike and swim program at Menemsha Hills. The small seaside village is a must-visit for sunset viewing, and a trip to Menemsha Hills offers an escape from the crowds. The program will continue through the fall, as guests join Caroline for a guided hike of the Menemsha Hills property and a sunset viewing experience like no other. 

The hike reveals stunning vistas and offers a chance for visitors to soak in the natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard, while experiencing a quintessential Island experience. 

In late September, our Island team is excited to offer an equinox yoga program with WholesomeMV at Menemsha Hills. Guests will practice balancing yoga on the autumnal equinox in collaboration with Jason Mazar-Kelly of Wholesome MV. After a hike to Prospect Hill, the second highest point on Martha’s Vineyard, Jason will lead the group in a stabilizing yoga session to celebrate the fall equinox of the year.

Register for the next hike here, and for the yoga program here. 

Long Point Wildlife Refuge

On September 28, the Harvest Moon will rise over Long Point Wildlife Refuge, and guests are welcome to experience the tranquility of the property at night during the Full Moon Wonder program. The hike at the refuge will welcome visitors to see the sunset and full moon rise, while hiking through sandplain grasslands, pitch pine forest, and the barrier beach. After, visitors can enjoy popcorn and s’mores over a beach fire.  

“I grew up visiting Long Point Wildlife Refuge for summer beach days, jumping in the ocean waves and cooling off in Long Cove Pond,” said Caroline. “At dusk, Long Point offers the beauty of sunset and moonrise, calm waters, and flitting bats. Nighttime events are a great way to bring people new experiences with their favorite places.” 

Register for Full Moon Wonder here. 

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The FARM Institute

The Farm Institute continues to offer cooking classes throughout the fall focusing on fresh and local ingredients. These classes with local chefs Jenny Devivo and Casey Mazar-Kelly focus on connecting participants with the season’s bounty, and creating farm-to-table, nourishing meals. A shared meal at the end of the program allows guests not only to connect with local food and with their own body, but with their fellow community members. 

“September is our harvest season on the farm, a great time to wind down and not only reflect on the bounty this special island provides us, but also the community that gathers around the table,” shared Lindsay Brown, Engagement Manager at The FARM Institute. “Sharing a meal together allows us to connect with others as well as being mindful of the land that grows our food.” 

Register for Cooking from the Island with Jenny Devivo here, and for Locally Grown & Delicious with Casey Mazar-Kelly here. 

Learn more about the Trustees on Martha’s Vineyard here. 

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