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7 Places to Hike with Kids

Some of our favorite properties for hiking with little ones.

Allen C. Haskell Public G...

It’s always a great time to introduce young people to the joys of hiking, and many Trustees properties offer excellent opportunities to get them started! Here are our top 7 places to hike with kids, featuring easy terrain, stroller-friendly boardwalks, and popular wildlife.

  • Mary Cummings Park
    The flat terrain and a park-like setting make this site ideal for a leisurely stroll with young children. Many of the trails are stroller-friendly and a lovely boardwalk leads to a wetland—great for seeing birds and listening to frogs. 
  • East Over Reservation
    A hidden gem of the south coast. There are two different areas for this reservation and both are very kid-friendly. Park off County Road for a more wooded adventure and park off Clapp Road for a pastoral meadow experience that is great for seeing butterflies.  
  • Allen C. Haskell Public Gardens
    This special place is less of a “hike” but definitely still worth a trip with the wee ones. At just six acres in six, this special place is sure to be a hit with the kids.  Explore the magical gardens, taking in all the glorious blooms of the season, and be sure to let the kiddos explore the mini nature play space. 
  • Ward Reservation
    A true gem of the North Shore, Ward is the perfect spot to take the kids. Stroller-friendly trails and a variety of habitats to explore make this the perfect place for kids to explore and play in nature.  
  • Dinosaur Footprints
    There is not much more that kids love than Dinosaurs. A Trip to this special place is sure to provide a magical experience for the kids as they investigate the fossils of ancient dinosaurs that once roamed the land. At just 9 acres in size, this park is just the right size for a quick adventure.  
  • Rock House Reservation
    High energy adventure-seeking kids, look no further than Rock House. A short hike from the parking lot brings you upon a cave-like atmosphere with plenty of nooks to explore kids are sure to have magical moments here. For older kids wanting a bit more of a hike, there are 3 miles of trails through the forest to explore.  
  • Doyle Community Park
    Fairly flat terrain coupled with diverse habitats to explore make Doyle Community Park a must-stop for an outdoor adventure with young kids. Many of the trails are accessible and stroller-friendly. Be sure to check out meadows for an abundance of butterflies and tree swallows, and for a more curated experience be sure to check out the summer family guided hikes we are offering at Doyle this summer.  
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