Waterfront Ambassadors

The Trustees Waterfront Ambassadors is a youth employment program based in East Boston focused on engaging the local community on waterfront issues.

Ambassadors, local teens ages 15-18, learn about the mission of The Trustees as well as the Boston Waterfront Initiative, and how it relates to their neighborhoods and communities. Ambassadors also engage with the work being done in East Boston and across the city on waterfront issues such as climate resilience, green infrastructure, and public access.

Each summer the Ambassadors delve into The Trustees Boston Waterfront Initiative’s Piers Park III project in East Boston, and work to gather ideas and input from the community with a focus on Boston youth, to inform the project’s progress.

In 2022 the Waterfront Ambassadors program ran for seven weeks in July and August. The program again featured collaboration with other local harbor-focused and environmental organizations and programs in Greater Boston, and included a variety of job-readiness and other enrichment sessions. We look forward to the program returning in 2023.

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