Trustees Education Programs

A portfolio of offerings for schools, youth, and families.

Our mission is to inspire a sense of wonder and foster the next generation of conservationists, stewards, environmental leaders, and informed citizens .

The Trustees Education Program uses our farms, coastal, and cultural properties as unique platforms for immersive, authentic learning that brings the classroom to life and inspires a deeper understanding of our natural world and rich cultural history. Our varied programs give children the opportunity to connect deeply with nature and place and offers expanded access and rich experiences through our school and organizational partnerships. ​  

The Trustees host a portfolio of offerings for schools, youth, and families that are rich in Inquiry Science, STEAM, Civics, Arts education, Climate Change, and local history to name a few.  

  • School & Youth Programs – preK-12 curriculum-connected programs at our farm, coastal, cultural, and horticultural properties
  • Camps – 9 nature and place-based camps in eastern Massachusetts
  • Outdoor Learning – after school, homeschool, and family programs for preK-teen
  • Virtual Learning – theme-based resources for home or the classroom