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Homeschool Scientists

Outdoor science experiences for homeschool youth.

Homeschool Programs at Appleton Farms

Homeschool Scientists is a unique farm-based program which addresses Next Generation Science Standards while allowing for ample time exploring Appleton’s barnyard, garden, and extensive trails.

An inquiry-driven approach enhances children’s learning experiences so kids can thrive academically and build self-confidence. Children in our programs develop a better understanding of the world, the importance for its conservation, and take meaningful actions to make the changes they want to see in the world.

The programs are 3-hour drop-off programs.

Students will learn through hands-on science lessons with expert naturalist instructors.

This series offers elementary-aged students the opportunity to participate in environmentally focused, farm-based activities that foster social, emotional, and academic growth and development.

Through educator-guided, experiential learning, students explore sustainability, agroecology, life cycles, soil science, history, and more – making important connections to their ongoing science learning. Activities include plenty of time gardening, hiking, exploring while applying skills such as scientific inquiry and engineering design.

Our programs are aligned with Massachusetts Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks and the Next Generation Science Standards. Our instructors are talented and highly-qualified professionals who are committed to helping each student thrive.

Core science skills your child will learn:

  • Scientific inquiry: making observations and predications, stating hypotheses and forming a conclusion
  • The Design Process: Identifying the problem and criteria, planning, constructing and evaluating
  • Organizing and communicating scientific results with graphs
  • Drawing from observation and journaling
  • Estimating and measuring – length/area, volume, mass and temperature
  • Using models in science
  • Using a microscope

Soft skills your child can acquire through STEM learning:

  • Communication and teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Problem-solving
  • Focus
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Assertiveness

Homeschool Scientists is a small-scale outdoor learning program with a target ratio of maximum 10:1. Because capacity is very limited, spots fill up quickly. Waitlists are available, but you must be pre-registered, so that in the event of a cancellation your child can start as soon as a spot becomes available.

We also accommodate already-formed homeschool learning groups, and would love to partner with you to provide an outdoor learning opportunity that enriches and expands upon your science curriculum.