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Farm Field Study Programs for Schools & Youth

We offer an educational hands-on experience that includes individual and group activities.   

Students will learn about: sustainability, agroecology, history, gain an appreciation and understanding of what it takes to get all of the food they eat to their plates and more. They will make important connections between their classroom learning and experiential learning at the farm.   

Our field trips are centered on Next Generational Science standards and are designed to support the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework Standards. 

We serve the schools and families of our community with immersive, experiential education. We build on the Trustees’ expertise in sustainability, nature conservation, designed landscapes, regenerative agriculture to create our hands-on curriculum. Our curriculum fosters a systems-based mindset: students will feel, smell, taste, and see the process of our natural resources.  

We also offer personalized programs and experiences that meet your student’s needs and best serve your educational goals. 

Some of our most popular field trip offerings include Soil Scientists and Sunshine Made My Milk. Click here to view details for those and the many other options, by grade.

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