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Farm Field Study – COVID Update

Teachers, Parents, and School Leaders, we want to support your learning as we all navigate the current uncertainties and challenges. Please contact us to discuss virtual farm tours or other supplementary educational opportunities for your students at

The 1,000 sweeping acres of pastures, fields, forests, historic houses & trails and Appleton’s working dairy, livestock, and vegetable CSA production agricultural operations invite students to both learn and connect with land around them. We offer programs for both large and small groups and can adapt offerings to best suit the learning of all students.

Program Offerings Grades Pre-K through 5

Forest & Farm as Home
Preschool | Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 2
Big Idea: Basic Needs of Living Things | Season: Fall & Spring

Fall Farm Rhythms
Preschool | Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 2
Big Ideas: Life Cycles and Basic Needs | Season: Fall

Soil Scientists
Grade 4 | Grade 5
Big Ideas: Life Cycles and Living/Non-living | Season: Fall & Spring

Animal Adaptations of Farm, Field & Forest
Grade 1 | Grade 2 | Grade 3 | Grade 4
Big Idea: Adaptation | Season: Late Fall & Winter

Root to Fruit & Egg to Hen
Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 3 | Grade 4
Big Ideas: Life Cycles and Parts of a Plant | Season: Spring

No Matter the Weather Field Study
Kindergarten | Grade 1 | Grade 2
Big Idea: Weather and the Water Cycle | Season: All seasons

Program Offerings Grades 6-8
Rumi-What? Ruminants & Digestion Field Study
Grade 6 | Grade 7
Big Ideas: Functions & Interactions of Body Systems | Season: Fall & Spring

Life on the Farm – Animal & Plant Reproduction Field Study
Grade 6 | Grade 7
Big Ideas: Successful Reproduction Traits & Behaviors | Season: Spring

Program Offerings for High School Students
Cattle Farming & Climate Change
Big Ideas: Natural Resource Management & Our Changing Climate

Program Offerings for College Students
Sustainable Agriculture, Appleton’s History & Landscape Natural History
3-Hour University Field Study Program

Program Pricing:
Price per student – Field Study*

1.5 Hours: $9.50 | 2 Hours: $10.50 | 3 Hours: $12.50
Minimum program fee: 1.5 Hours: $125 | 2 Hours: $140 | 3 Hours: $165

Price per student – Culinary*
1.5 Hours: $15 | 2 Hours: $20
Minimum program fee: 1.5 Hours: $155 | 2 Hours: $200

Price per student – Field Study & Culinary*
3 hours: $24
Minimum program fee: $240

*All leaders and chaperones attend at no cost

Massachusetts STEAM Curriculum Framework Standards

Our goal is to connect your classroom curricula to our programs in the field. Our educational programs are tailored to fit within the standards for the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Please see our program descriptions for more information about which standards each program covers.

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