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Appleton Farms Education

Inspiring the next generation of conservationists through immersive educational experiences.

Why Appleton Farms Education?

  • We offer a wonderfully unique, immersive, experiential education at one of the oldest, continuously, operating farms in the country, that serves as our classroom and goes beyond enrichment 
  • We provide programs that are hands-on and offer inquiry-driven experiences with science content and practices 
  • We build on more than a century of The Trustees’ expertise in nature conservation, designed landscapes, and production agriculture to create our innovative farm-based curriculum and empower the next generation with new skills for the future  
  • We embrace children’s curiosity and discovery. No two days are alike, each session offers an opportunity for endless exploration, life-skills building, and nature stewardship.   
  • As a nature-based program, it is designed to engage the body and senses, inspire the mind, awaken curiosity, develop confidence and create community
  • Mindfulness practices are integrated into the daily schedules 

For Families with Children

Homeschool Programs at one of the country’s oldest continuously operating farms.
Looking for an enrichment option for your homeschooler? Join our Homeschool Scientists drop-off program! Learners remain in a pod for several week sessions, and join us on the farm one morning each week. 

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Camps and School Vacation

Do you enjoy being outdoors, going on adventures on a farm, exploring the woodlands, discovering farm and wild, tracks, plants, frogs, insects, rocks, minerals, tadpoles, and much more? 

If so, join us for an exciting summer! Enjoying, and respecting our environment as well as meeting new friends, is what Appleton Farms Camp is all about. 

Our week-long sessions explore the barnyard, learning garden, and wild spaces on the farm, guided by experienced instructors.  Get out and explore!   

Visit our Appleton Farms Camp page for more information about summer camp.

Visit our Events page for information about upcoming vacation week camps.

Programs for Schools

Field Trips

Want to add more hands-on science to your curriculum?   At Appleton Farms, students will learn by DOING!  

Our field trips offer an interactive, environmentally focused, farm-based experience where students from pre-K through high school will learn by doing, and most importantly, they’ll have fun!   

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Appleton Farms offers semester-long environmental/farm-based education internships for students pursuing a career in the education field. Gain hands-on environmental experience planning and leading educational experiences for students’ preschool through high school under the guidance and leadership of experienced farm educators. Opportunities are available for fall & spring semesters, as well as during winter and summer break. 

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