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Appleton Farms serves the schools and families of our community with immersive, experiential education. We build on the Trustees’ expertise in nature conservation, designed landscapes, regenerative agriculture, and culinary education to create our innovative STEAM-centered curriculum. Our curriculum fosters a systems-based mindset: here, they can feel, smell, taste, and see the process of plant growth. They can watch exactly what happens to food when they toss it in the compost pile. They see real farmers doing the real work that keeps our communities fed.

Our goal is exactly this: to make those farm-to-fork connections real for our youth.

We collaborate with your school through our Field Study program and our Nature and Place local school partnerships. For families, we offer our Afternoon Adventures dropoff series, summer and vacation week camps, and weekend public programming. Our youth, who we know will grow up to be the next generation of conservationists, stewards, environmental leaders, and informed citizens, can let their sense of wonder expand over the landscape during their educational experience here at Appleton Farms. They will come away having made new connections between their life and the systems around them, and will be empowered with new skills to advocate for the environment, make good choices about what they eat, and lead by example.

Read on to sample some of our offerings, and follow the links below for more detailed information on pricing, schedules, and contact information.

For Schools and Teachers: 

With STEAM principles underpinning all of our activities, The Trustees school-based programs are designed to support Massachusetts educational frameworks. We offer multiple ways to partner with us: 

  • Field Study| Our version of a field trip, this two-hour inquiry-based program pairs your students with our specialist-trained educators for a fun-filled themed activity at Appleton Farms. Browse our catalogue for a program that suits your needs. Starting at $10/student. 
  • Nature and Place Local School Partnerships| Interested in developing a more in-depth multi-year partnership program, where Appleton Farms becomes an extension of your classroom, and our educators travel to your classroom too? We want to partner with you! We will tailor a program that best serves your educational goals and teaches your students about nature and place in their local community. Email Ashley Chapman to learn more. 
  • Homeschool Groups | Looking for an enrichment option for your homeschooler? Join our Homeschool Scientists drop-off program! Learners remain in a pod for each five-week session, and join us on the farm two mornings each week. 

We also accommodate already-formed homeschool learning groups, and would love to partner with you to provide an outdoor learning opportunity that enriches and expands upon your science curriculum. Reach out to Ashley Chapman to book a private pod for your homeschool group. 

For Families:

During a time of virtual learning and careful classrooms, we recognize the need for safe, kinesthetic learning and social development in the great outdoors. Enrich your child’s education during this difficult time with our outdoor learning programs– and look ahead to one of our camp programs in the coming months! 

  • Afternoon Adventures Series| Appleton Farms wants to help support your family during these challenging times and get your kids outside and learning. We are offering educational drop-off programs for children ages 5-11 in three different series this fall and winter. For more information, visit our Afternoon Adventures page.  
  • Trustees Camp Programs| Join us for summer camp and for our school vacation-week camps! Our week-long sessions explore the barnyard, learning garden, and wild spaces on the farm, guided by experienced instructors.  Get out and explore!  
  • Private Pod Series | Interested in booking a private series for your child’s learning group, homeschool group, or learning pod? Looking to organize a kindergarten or middle school-aged group for a series? We are currently offering limited morning and afternoon privately booked series in addition to our public offering! 
  • Public Programs for Young Learners | At Appleton Farms, educational experiences begin with our younger learner programs. Our chaperone-child programs introduce children under the age of five to the farm through hands-on sensory experiences. Through chores, songs, stories, games, crafts and exploration, young learners are immersed in farm-learning and outdoor exploration. 


Appleton Farms offers semester-long environmental/farm-based education internships for students pursuing a career in the education field. Gain hands-on environmental experience planning and leading educational experiences for students’ preschool through high school under the guidance and leadership of experienced farm educators. Opportunities are available for fall & spring semesters, as well as during winter and summer break. 

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