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Appleton Farm Camp, Ipswich

Farm + Nature Camp on an historic working farm.

Appleton Farm Summer Camp

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Many camp sessions are close to selling out! 

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WHERE: With rolling grasslands, grazing livestock, vegetable gardens, an active barnyard, and miles of trails, Appleton Farms in Ipswich offers a uniquely immersive summer experience. Campers are introduced to Appleton’s working farm and adventurous landscape through exciting, authentic educational activities. Our program is inspired by this exceptional property and builds on The Trustees’ expertise in nature conservation, historic landscapes, regenerative agriculture, and culinary exploration.  

WHAT: Every day, campers enjoy farm-based activities that align with our environmental education mission, including:

  • Performing essential barnyard chores like feeding, brushing, and mucking stalls 
  • Planting, watering, and weeding vegetables and herbs in the Learning Garden – and creating yummy treats 
  • Hiking adventures throughout our expansive forests and fields  
  • Exploring the woodlands and wetlands and discovering wildlife  
  • Farm-themed arts & crafts and science experiments  

The daily schedule is infused with plenty of time to make new friends, play games, and have fun.  

WHO: Appleton Farm Camp is designed for campers who love the outdoors, caring for farm animals, getting their hands dirty, connecting to the land, being independent learners, using their imagination, and tapping into their resilience no matter the weather. A team of talented, compassionate, and energetic educators support campers in their quest to connect to the natural world and find their place within it.

  • The daily rhythm of camp is consistent week to week. We have noticed that after 4 weeks, some campers are looking for new adventures. Please consider this when registering.  
  • If you have any inquiries about whether your camper will thrive at Appleton Farm Camp, please contact the camp office.  

WHEN: For dates and tuition rates, proceed to Appleton Farm Camp Schedule & Pricing.

Appleton Farms Camp Parent Testimonials

Emmett can’t stop talking about Appleton Farm camp and how he wishes he could go back for another week.  He said it’s his favorite camp of the summer and we will be sure to sign up for more weeks next year.

– Appleton Farms Camp Parent

My son came home everyday full of joy and enthusiasm. He normally refuses to hike with us but came home day 1 from camp and said “guess what? We went on a hike and it was awesome!!” It was clear the counselors were incredibly imaginative and engaged- he was so motivated to find the Appleton family’s treasure and loved making the crafts!

– Appleton Farms Camp Parent

The counselors made my child very motivated and excited to go back each day.

– Appleton Farms Camp Parent

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