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Corporate Art Loan Program

at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Artwork by Toru Nakanish...


Program Overview

The Corporate Art Loan Program at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum provides companies in the Greater Boston area with museum quality, original artwork curated specifically for your office, lobby or public area space, on an annual or multi-year loan rotation. In addition to the art loan, the annual tiered program fees include a range of benefits for all company employees.

70+ Participating Companies
Our patrons range from developers & property management companies to law firms, lab/life science institutions, municipalities and more across the great state of MA. All are connected by their dedication and support for deCordova, The Trustees & local New England artists.

215+ Regional New England Artists
Our team works directly with a diverse [in medium, aesthetic & background] group of artists from across New England. We are continually sourcing and adding new artists to our impressive roster.

1,500+ Original Artworks
The works in our collection range in size, aesthetic and medium, so there is always an artwork solution for your space. Our collection is ever evolving and growing!

As a participating company with deCordova’s Corporate Art Loan Program, you are providing integral support to our regional New England artist community, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, and The Trustees.

“Business owners are beginning to understand that displaying artwork in the workplace does more than make the office aesthetically pleasing; it can actually increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity.” – Forbes

Lending Artist Roster

Artwork from CALP Collection, Various Artists

Interested in Becoming a Lending Artist

Image: Adam O'Day, "Zakim", oil on canvas, 42 x 54.
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Interested in Becoming a Member?

Gordon Massman, “Judith”, Aura on Canvas, 64” x 130” & “Summer”, Oil on Canvas, 72” x 74”, Installed at Martignetti Companies
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  • Current Lending Artists
  • Participating Corporate Members

Current Lending Artists

Thank you to our participating artists!
Adam O’Day
Adria Arch
Adrian Negenborn
Alexander Squier
Alissar Langworthy
Amanda Millis
Amy Brnger
Andrew Fish
Andrew Woodward
Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson
Antoinette Winters
Apo Torosyan
Bartek Walicki
Bea Modisett
Beatrice Dauge
Beverly Rippel
Blake Brasher
Blake Ogden
Bri Custer
Carly Sheehan
Carol Baum
Carol Gove
Carole Bolsey
Carolina Duque (Walicki)
Catherine Carter
Cheryl Dyment
Chris Kelly
Christine Jantz
Christine Vaillancourt
Christy Georg
Cicely Carew
Clare Asch
Dave Eppley
David Chamberlain
Dean Nimmer
Deborah Randall
Debra Bretton Robinson
Declan Halpin
Demetri Espinosa
Destiny Palmer
Diana Arcadipone
Diana Stelin
Donna Caselden
Dorothea VanCamp
Eli Portman
Elizabeth Awalt
Ellen Davies
Ellen Slotnick
Ellen Waitzkin
Ellie Brown
Eric Lewandowski
Erica Mason
Erika Heffernan
Felipe Ortiz
Gary Duehr
Grace Vasta-Carr
Gretchen Warsen
Harry Bartnick
Heather Buechler
Hung-Ju Kan
Ingrid Ludt
J.B. Jones
Jan Lhormer
Jarrod Jarvis
Jeanne Williamson Ostroff
Jeannie Motherwell
Jenna Pirello
Jennifer Jean Okumura
Jennifer Schmitt
Jillian Vaccaro
Joanie Oates
Jo-Ann Boback
Joanne Tarlin
Joey Asal
John Biebel
John Borchard
John Pagano
John Thompson
Jon Petro
Jonathan Palmer
Josephine Turalba
Joyce Silverstone
Judith Ellen Sanders
Judith M. Daniels
Julie Vinette
Julie Weiman
Karen Gausch
Kate (Catherine) Bowen
Katherine Gulla
Keith Francis
Kenji Nakayama
Kim Carlino
Kim Salerno
Lara Loutrel
Lauren Coulson
Linda Colletta
Lisa Goren
Lisa Lindgren
Lola Baltzell
Lorrie Berry
Luanne Stovall
Lydia Kinney
Lynette Shaw
Lynn Avery (Gargill)
Madeline Bragar
Maggie Schmidt
Maria Malatesta
Marilu Swett
Martha Wakefield
Martin Berinstein
Mary Boochever
Maura McGurk
Maureen O’Connor
Max Gimblett
Mitchell Rosenzweig
Michael Benari
Nancy Simonds
Nedret Andre
Neil E. Wilkins
Nicholas Kantarelis
Niho Kozuru
Pamela Reynolds
Patricia Gray
Paul William
Penn Young
Peter Stone
Phillip Spinks
Prachie Narain
Rebecca Dwyer
Resa Blatman
Richard Kattman
Richard Kravitz
Roberta Nigro Hall
Robin Cheung
Roy Fox
Ruth Rodman
S.M. Ede
Samantha Paris Estes
Sand T. Kalloch
Sandra Berbeco
Sean Flood
Selma Bromberg
Sharin Schober
Sharon Butler
Sharon Whitham
Sheryl White
Sophia Mone
Soyoung L Kim
Stephanie Silvi
Steven Bogart
Steven Duede
Susan Nichter
Susan Post
Susan Siefer
Susan Valentine
Suzanne Hodes
Toru Nakanishi
Vanessa Irzyk
Wendy Prellwitz
Wendy Shapiro
Winston Breedy
Zehra Khan
Zeina Skaff Kahhale

Participating Corporate Members

Thank you for your continued participation in deCordova’s Corporate Art Loan Program. Your support is invaluable to our local artist community and The Trustees!

Affinia Therapeutics
Akebia Therapeutics
Analog Devices
Anderson & Kreiger
Ariel Group
Artisan Consulting Group
Ballentine Partners (Waltham & Rochester NH)
Biomed Realty – Blackfan
Biomed Realty – 210 Broadway
Boston Finanical Investment Managment (BFIM)
Boston Properties – Bay Colony
Boston Properties – City Point (230 3rd Ave)
Boston Properties – Lexington Park
Boston Properties – Prudential Center
Boston Properties – Resevoir Place
CBRE – One Beacon St
CBRE – 1 and 101 Main St.
Chapel Bridge Park Associates
Charles River Realty Investors
Clark and Elbing
Concert Pharmaceuticals
Conn Kavanaugh
Currier Law Offices
Derby and Co. ( The Colony Group)
Dicicco Gulman and Co.
Donovan Hatem LLP
Four Seasons
Grander Capital Partners (GCP H2)
Goulstons and Storrs (50 Rowes Wharf, 400 Atlantic Ave)
Guidepost Growth Equity
Gutierrez Company (11 Summit Drive, 200 Summit Drive)
H3 BioMed
Hercules Technology Growth Capital
Holland and Knight
Jounce Therapeutics
Lee and Rivers
Lincoln Properties Westwood
Magenta Therapeutics
Marcus Partners
Martignetti Companies (Taunton & Boston)
Matrix Partners
Nelson Mullins
Nuvera Feul Cells Inc.
Piedmont Realty (5 Wall St)
Quickbase (290 Congress St & Waltham)
Rubius Therapeutics
Schmidt and Federico
Sensible Financial Planning
Synergy Investments
Taurus Management
Topsfield Library
University Club
Volition Capital
Westchester Capital
WS Development