Interested in Becoming a Lending Artist?

Adam O'Day, "Zakim", oil on canvas, 42 x 54.

My testimonial is simple and straightforward! I joined the corporate program as a fine art lender back in 2009. It broadened my horizons and helped propel my art career in many ways. An artist is a traveling salesman of sorts. So if an artist has a resource like deCordova to help place large works and get eyes on them, than an artist has a much bigger audience. Many galleries in New England don't have huge walls, so this is away to get my bigger work seen, and in many cases sold. I've sold painting through this program to some heavy hitters in the area, including execs at Brightcove and Kayak. It has translated to mural jobs and custom paintings as well. The perks are solid too. Museum membership and invites to the museum events are always fun. I encourage Boston area artists to submit their work.

– Adam O'Day

The password protected link allows you to directly upload works through the portal on a rolling basis. Our team will be notified of artist activity, will review internally and respond to your submission within 2 weeks. When new works are approved, they will be released into our new digital inventory for inclusion in our artwork packages for corporate members. Due to Museum storage constraints, we cannot take more physical inventory in at this time. We are requesting artists hold onto their works until the piece is selected for a corporate space at which time, we will request the physical work be delivered to the Museum. Size restriction exceptions will be made on a case by case basis – please let us know if this applies to you.