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Woodlands & Parks

Guests of all ages and abilities can enjoy The Trustees' woodlands and parks. Whether it's casually strolling through a pine or hemlock forest or enjoying a picnic under the shade of a centuries-old oak tree at one of our iconic parks, The Trustees truly offers something for everyone.

Family Friendly Spots

Bring the kids and connect with nature and each other at these fun places.

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Waterfalls & Streams

You’re likely to find a magical waterfall or stream set among lush beds of moss deep – or sometimes not so deep – in the woods of Massachusetts.

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Places to Picnic

Enjoy an afternoon of fresh air and open sky with your favorite meal at these bucolic spots.

Pack the Picnic

Walks in the Park

You’ll find expansive lawns, tree-lined paths, quiet ponds, and peace of mind as you stroll through a Trustees park.

Take a Walk

Summits & Views

Climb to a breathtaking view and revel in the accomplishment.

Find a View

Wildlife Walks

Take a walk on the wild side, past wetlands and through forests teeming with life.

Walk the Wild Side

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Enjoy 120 sites featuring inspired trails, historic homes, beautiful gardens, farms, summer camps and more.
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Join a community passionate about a sustainable future and engaged in diverse projects across the state.

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