Mount Ann Park


87 acres

A mixed forest of evergreens and hardwoods rises to a rocky summit.


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Mount Ann Park features thick, hilly woods of white pine, oak, maple, beech, birch, and hemlock. The woods lead to a huge, smooth-topped granite outcrop summit.

The brothers of naturalist Henry David Minot—who wrote The Land Birds and Game Birds of New England in 1876, at age 17—gave the land to establish a park in his memory.

When Rt. 128 was constructed in the 1950s, access to Mount Ann Park from the north was cut off. The other sides of the reservation are either part of the City of Gloucester watershed or private land, neither of which can be accessed by the public. Therefore, there is no regular access to Mount Ann Park reservation at present. The Trustees hopes to find a way to provide public access again.

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Property Acquisition History

Gift of Charles S., Laurence, Robert S., and William Minot in 1897 in memory of Henry Davis Minot. Additional land given by the heirs of Edward Bray in 1926; David O. Mears in 1927; Mrs. Ruth A. Oakes in 1929; and Addison S. Bray in 1968. Endowment given by members of the Minot family in 1952 and by Mrs. Henry M. Channing in 1963.

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