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Medfield Meadow Lots


16 acres

These areas of marsh situated within the Charles River floodplain represent The Trustees' commitment to ecological diversity and the protection of natural communities.


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Medfield Meadow Lots consists of three parcels of freshwater marshland—Meadow, Perry Meadow, and Hinsdale Meadow—all located in the Charles River floodplain. Since 1972, The Trustees has been part of a public-private cooperative effort to protect the natural beauty and ecological value of the upper Charles River Valley between Norfolk and Dedham. This land protection effort has involved both the acquisition of lands such as Medfield Meadow Lots and the placement of conservation restrictions on critical parcels of private land. To date, The Trustees has protected nearly 4,000 acres in this critical watershed protection zone.

Note: As the entire reservation is floodplain, Medfield Meadow Lots is not accessible at this time.

Ideas for Your Visit

As the entire reservation is floodplain, Medfield Meadow Lots is not accessible at this time.

Directions & Contact Info

Charles River floodplain
Medfield, MA 02052
Telephone: 508.785.0339
E-mail: charlesrivervalley@thetrustees.org


This reservation is not accessible at this time.

Regulations & Advisories

As the entirety of Medfield Meadow Lots is floodplain, this reservation is not accessible at this time.

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Property Acquisition History

Gift of Henry L. Shattuck in 1968.

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