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State of the Coast Report

“State of the Coast” is an analytical assessment that uses the latest data to provide a snapshot of current coastal conditions, along with future-facing strategies and opportunities to create a more resilient and healthier coast.

More than 600 North Shore buildings could experience daily tidal flooding by 2030, and more than 7,000 will be in the same category if a 100-year-storm event occurs, according to The Trustees inaugural State of the Coast report. By 2070, those numbers increase to 3,100 and 12,000, respectively.

“North Shore communities, leaders, and coastal landowners can no longer postpone climate-facing emergency planning and decision making,” says Tom O’Shea, Trustees Director of Coast and Natural Resources. “Time is running out to take actions that will protect our coast, and the latest data featured in our report shows that many of these impacts will intensify in the next decade, and accelerate after 2050, so now is the time to pursue resilience through sustainable and adaptive approaches.”

The 40-page report released in summer 2020 highlights the climate change-driven impacts of sea level rise and storm flooding faced by 13 North Shore Coastal Zone Communities, including impacts to beaches, salt marsh, developed coastal areas, armored shorelines, and habitats, as well as future adaptation opportunities and solutions.

Download the report by clicking the image to the left, or explore the digital version of the report for interactive maps and additional data.

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