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Coastal Education

Understanding coastal habitats, ecosystems, and climate impact at our beaches, rocky shores, and marshes.

Through our immersive, experiential school, homeschool, and youth programs at our coastal properties, students see, smell, feel, and hear the living Massachusetts shoreline. Hands-on field study deepens students’ understanding of these ever-changing environments, the flora and fauna that adapts and thrives there, and the impacts of climate change. All the while they gain knowledge in the life and earth sciences along with STEM practices. We look to foster a love of the coast and empower students with ways they can protect it for the future.

Lessons at respective farms include: Erosion & Weathering, Salt Marsh Science, Shifting Sands: Beach & Dune Science, Shipwreck Scholars. Light & Lighthouses, Landforms & Mapping, Geology, Coastal Survival, and more!

Our PreK-12 programs support Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in Science.

Select the coastal property nearest you for information about seasonal program offerings, grades, and pricing – and to submit a visit request:

Coastal Education
  • Crane Coastal Education, Ipswich
  • Martha's Vineyard
  • World's End, Hingham

Crane Coastal Education, Ipswich

The Crane Estate features a wealth of natural and cultural history, with educational opportunities that are interactive and invite learners to deepen their curiosity, build a personal connection, and consider their role as stewards of our environment.

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Martha's Vineyard

The Trustees is committed to enriching student learning by utilizing our diverse properties on Martha’s Vineyard as outdoor classrooms—connecting students to our coastal landscapes and a working farm.

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World's End, Hingham

The Trustees World’s End in Hingham is a uniquely undeveloped peninsula offering dramatic views of the Weir River, Hingham Harbor, and the Boston skyline. Distinct landforms, a coastal ecosystem of multiple wildlife habitats, a multitude of geological finds, and a birder’s paradise are among the educational treasures found here.

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