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SummerQuest, Ipswich

At the Crane Estate. Nature and culture exploration, swimming, weekly quests, and more!

Credit: Jake Belcher

SummerQuest at the Crane Estate

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For over a decade, SummerQuest at The Crane Estate has been getting children outside, using creativity and curiosity to foster individual development, community, and personal connection to nature, while inspiring lifelong confidence in and respect for the environment.

WHERE:The Crane Estate’s 2,100-acre property is a spectacular expanse of salt marsh and barrier beach habitat situated in Ipswich and Essex, MA between the Atlantic Ocean, Ipswich River, and Essex Bay. Castle Hill, homebase for SummerQuest, encompasses many acres of salt marsh and dune habitat, hiking trails, a stunning hilltop mansion and other grand buildings that were part of the summer estate of a wealthy Chicago industrialist, formal gardens, and an expansive lawn rolling a half a mile to the sea. Our program is inspired by this exceptional property and builds on The Trustees’ expertise in land conservation, historic landscape and cultural resource preservation, coastal ecology, and restoration.

WHAT:Each day, campers enjoy activities that align with our environmental education mission, including:

  • Theme-based activities exploring nature, coast, art, culture, and more
  • Place-based lessons that inspire understanding of and respect for the environment
  • Private swim time on the secluded Steep Hill Beach
  • Creative craft projects that support the understanding of the natural world
  • Morning circle, songs, and games that  build friendship and community

WHO:SummerQuest at the Crane Estate is designed for campers who love the outdoors, exploring the woods and coast, connecting to the land, being independent learners, using their imagination, and tapping into their resilience no matter the weather. A team of talented, compassionate, and energetic environmental educators support campers in their quest to connect to the natural world and find their place within it.

  • The daily rhythm of camp is consistent from week to week. We have noticed after four weeks, some campers are looking for new adventure. Please consider this when registering.
  • If you have any questions about whether your camper will thrive at SummerQuest, please contact the camp office.

WHEN:For dates and tuition rates, proceed to SummerQuest Schedule & Pricing.

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SummerQuest Camp Information
SummerQuest Parent Testimonials

Camp staff create such an incredibly nurturing environment through her presence, the staff she hires, the weeks activities and adapting for weather/variants etc.. Not only is there tons of fun, exploration and learning but we have witnessed Questing continuously peak curiosity, support personal growth and provide guidance in understanding respect and boundaries in a way that children can digest and adapt to. Additionally it is so nice as a parent to know your child is safe, having fun and Meghan was always readily and easily accessible. She always has such a positive energy, even at the end of HOT green head filled days!!

– Camp Parent

Lucas was exhausted but so happy at the end of every day. He talked about everything his group did, recalling how many crabs they had caught that day and even teaching us how to play foursquare (now drawn out in our driveway!).

– Camp Parent

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