snowy owl

CraneExplorer: Family Snowy Owl Prowl

Wide-open coastal sites are the location of choice for wintering Snowy Owls; common perches are dunes and salt hay staddles. In winters past, these owls have been frequent visitors to the Crane Wildlife Refuge. Join us for a family snowy owl prowl as we hike the dunes in search of… Read More

World's End duck

CraneExplorer: Cold Weather Feathers

Come explore the world of our resident winter birds here at Crane—beyond the Snowy Owl! Bring your binoculars (or borrow ours!) and join us in searching the water for Loons, Long-Tail ducks, Eiders, Scoters, Mergansers, and more! In the trees and sky, we might spot birds of prey, including owls,… Read More

Full Moon Over Dunes

CraneExplorer: Family Full Moon Hike in the Dunes

CraneExplorer events are designed to appeal to the little ones* while giving their parents a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Crane Estate. These hikes cover less ground to accommodate smaller strides and have more frequent stops to look, listen, and learn from our CraneOutdoors guides. Not just… Read More