works on paper exhibition

The Sculptor's Eye: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs from the Collection

Drawn from deCordova’s permanent collection, this exhibition features works on paper and photographs by more than thirty artists who are primarily considered sculptors. Their work reveals the multitude of connections between two- and three-dimensional art making processes and the means by which artists nurture and expand their creative vision.

On view are photographs of sculptural forms that explore shared issues of space and volume. Pencil and charcoal drawings display the inventive ways in which artists experiment with spatial illusion on flat surfaces with graphic gestures, contours, and colors. Plans for large-scale art installations exemplify the tradition of artists considering architectural and environmental spaces. Altogether, these works emphasize the interplay of materiality, line, and form across artistic mediums.

Artists Featured in the Exhibition 

Terry Albright
Diana Al-Hadid
Laura Baring-Gould
Andrea Blum
Marty Cain
Leila Daw
Murray Dewart
Jim Dingilian
Heide Fasnacht
Sally F. Fine
Lars-Erik Fisk
Mary Frank
Orly Genger
Peter Haines
Mags Harries
David Hayes
Anna Hepler
Corin Hewitt
Ken Hruby
Jon Isherwood
Niki Ketchman
Cal Kowal
Peter Lipsitt
Mary Lum
Joyce Mcdaniel
Henry Moore
Andrew Mowbray
Louise Nevelson
Robert and Shana Parkeharrison
Larry Pollans
Robert Rauschenberg
Richard Rosenblum
Thomas Scheibitz
Robert Schelling
Julia Shepley
Erin Shirreff
Kenneth Snelson
Jessica Stockholder
Margaret Swan
Michael Timpson
Harold Tovish
William Tucker
William Wainwright
Joseph Wheelwright
Leslie Wilcox
Dan Wills