Parking kiosks are now located at some of our reservations: Rocky WoodsNoanet WoodlandsAppleton Grass Rides, Monument Mountain, and Ward Reservation.

Your member card is now more powerful than ever. If you’re a Trustees member, you park for FREE with your member code, found above your name on your member card. If you’re not a member yet, you’ll pay $5 per day (per car) to park.

Did you know The Trustees is a nonprofit supported by members and donors? Our parking kiosk program will help us keep these inspired places beautiful for you – and your family and friends. Your dollars will help with trail maintenance, snow plowing (hopefully not until next winter), and other special projects and events each year. We hope it also encourages people to become Trustees members. (If you are a member already, thank you!)

The kiosks are easy to use: just swipe your credit card or enter your member parking code at the pay station and place your receipt on your dashboard.