Hike Trustees

We’re challenging you to hike and explore Trustees properties in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Hiking Challenge

With over 100 places and hundreds of miles of trails to explore across the state, The Trustees is challenging you to get hiking and see just how much you can explore.

Hike Trustees was originally conceived to celebrate our 125th anniversary in 2016. In the years since, we’ve watched it grow in exciting ways, and though 2020 found us adjusting to a new normal, we also welcomed new visitors seeking ways to stay mindful and connected. In response we’ve retooled Hike Trustees to be more flexible so that it fits in with your new routines and offers multiple ways to engage with nature and achieve your personal wellness goals.

It’s healthy. It’s free. It’s fun. So… take a hike!

All you need to do is visit our properties and log your hiking miles on this site. Use one of the many fitness or GPS apps to track your mileage. Keep an eye on your progress on our leaderboards. And you can upload photos of your experiences on this site, too. We love to see them!

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Get some time in nature and some great exercise by getting to know The Trustees' many properties.
Hike On!