Cultural Landscapes

Our cultural landscapes are evocative combinations of nature, culture, and scenery – the heart of The Trustees mission. They spark strong emotional reactions by each visitor, even those that do not know the history of the property. The Trustees was described as a ‘museum of landscapes’ by its founders. Each of our properties was protected and set aside for public enjoyment for a reason; usually its natural, scenic or cultural value.

These properties are not building-centric; instead they have fewer buildings than most of our cultural properties. These are landscapes to wander, to explore, and to recognize the genius behind each special place. Our cultural landscapes include desirable natural resources, beautiful scenery, and social, cultural, or spiritual meaning which drove their human occupation or protection. They all exhibit three-dimensional evidence of our human story – a landscape textbook that can be understood if you know where and what to look for.

The Trustees cultural landscapes cover a broad range of themes, sizes, and property types. They include farms, former industrial sites, and elaborate designed landscapes. Before visiting, read a bit about the property history and then come, explore, and see what evidence you can find of its previous use. Who created its story? What do you see? 

– Cindy Brockway, Trustees Director of Cultural Resources

Industrial Ruins
Designed Landscapes

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