COVID-19 Camping Rules

  1. Camping at Dunes’ Edge is by reservation only and requires a self-contained camping trailer or vehicle. Your camper MUST have its own running water, toilet and shower. NO tents or tent trailers.
  2. There will be NO WALK-IN CAMPING ALLOWED.
  3. When making your reservations, pay very close attention to the size limitations and site descriptions. There will be no staff member available to help you get on to your site. If your camper is larger than the stated size limits on the site description, you will be turned away.
  4. When you arrive at the campground there will be an envelope left out for you at the camp office with your receipt and a map to your site.
  5. Trustees members should call (508) 487-9815 after arrival to have your 10% discount refunded to your credit card. Please leave your member # in a message.
  6. Until further notice, the communal bath houses are closed due to social distance requirements. Your camper must be a self-contained RV unit with running water and usable shower, sink and toilet.
  7. The dumping station and fresh water fill up will be available. It is required that you clean and sanitize all touched surfaces after each use.
  8. The office is closed to the public. The store and laundry are also closed to the public. In case of emergency call (508) 487-9815.
  9. There will be no congregating or socializing with others or staff at the campsite or on the property.
  10. Social distancing of 6 feet will be required from staff, and other guests.
  11. There will be no visitors or guests allowed in the campground.
  12. Please deliver all household rubbish to the dumpster located by the camp office. Do not leave trash out at your site. We only accept bagged household rubbish – no boxes, appliances or anything broken. We are unable to process recycling. Please take your recycling with you when you leave.
  13. Do not have any mail or packages delivered to the campground or our post office box. We will no longer offer mail delivery service.
  14. Until further notice, anyone coming from outside of Massachusetts, must quarantine for 14 days.
  15. If you feel sick, have COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive or know someone in the park that has tested positive, we are required to notify our local board of health and follow their direction. Anyone with symptoms of the COVID-19 virus should follow CDC guidelines, contact your health care provider and self-isolate 14 days.
  16. We do not have personal protective equipment to share. Please be prepared upon arrival with your own gloves, masks, cleaners and sanitizers.
  17. Do not use picnic tables.

We are not operating as business as usual. These special COVID-19 rules are required to keep our staff and guests healthy while providing an environment for camping and socially distanced living and ask you to do your part.

Any violation of public health orders at Dunes Edge may result in being ejected from the park by management.

Thank you!

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