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Meet our Members: Sandy from Newburyport

A longtime Member shares her favorite properties and more.

Sandy's favorite photo from Castle Hill

As Trustees staff and administration, we are lucky to see many of our Members through emails and social media posts. Their experiences are well worth sharing with everyone. This blog series introduces us to Sandy from Newburyport.

Q: Do you have a favorite Trustees property?

A: Trying to choose a favorite property is very difficult.  Trustees properties offer such a diverse variety of experiences, I’m able to let my frame of mind guide my choice of adventure.

Recently, I’ve restricted my travel to the area north of Boston, and the options have been delightful.  If I’m in the mood to time travel, historic homes like Castle Hill or Stevens Coolidge transport me to the past, where I can immerse myself in the setting and try to imagine the characters that frequented those properties. (Maybe I was a flapper in a previous life!)

When stress threatens and I begin to take myself too seriously, I try to channel my inner child and make my way to a farm, like Appleton, to see the animals or Crane Beach, to play in the waves. To combat the overwhelming hustle and bustle of traffic and daily chores, I find solace in communing with the quiet beauty of nature and wide open space at Old Town Hill.

In this little corner of the state, my recent sojourns at Trustees properties have proved a wonderful respite from the madness of life.

Q: Why did you choose to become a Member?

A: My initial introduction to the Trustees was a very selfish one.  I have loved Crane Beach since childhood and wanted a parking pass.

Little did I know then how the Trustees mission of historic preservation and environmental conservation align perfectly with my personal view, that we are merely caretakers of our world.  I firmly believe that respecting our environment through conservation and preserving our history will expand our options in the future.

When I remember the historic homes, local family farms, breathtaking open spaces, mountain vistas, and especially beautiful ocean front areas I enjoyed as a girl, I’m disheartened that many of those places have disappeared forever.  When I think of “Go Trustees”, it has another meaning to me, I want the Trustees to keep “GOING” with the outstanding mission of preserving special and amazing places for everyone to experience and enjoy.

In this little corner of the state, my recent sojourns at Trustees properties have proved a wonderful respite from the madness of life.

– Sandy from Newburyport

Q: Is there a Trustees program or event that you participated in that you especially loved?

A:  I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every Trustees program and event I have attended.  Some of my favorites have included the absolutely yummy hands-on cooking classes at Appleton and the summer cocktail party evenings overlooking the ocean at Castle Hill.  There’s an event or program offered for every letter of the alphabet and I’ve had fun at all of them.

In addition, I have been privileged to participate in the volunteer program with the Trustees and have taken part in numerous events.  As a volunteer, the concerts, plays, art show and especially the costume events at Castle Hill, such as live action Clue and Roaring 20’s lawn party are fabulous.  Experiencing the “behind the scenes” operation of historic homes, farms and other properties, as well as the extensive planning and coordination involved in programs and events has given me immense appreciation for the hard work and dedication of Trustees employees.

Q: Where would you recommend a first-time Trustees visitor go?

A: That’s another tough question. Because I have been personally involved with the programs and events at Castle Hill and Crane Beach, I will admit that I’m biased and would definitely recommend visiting those properties.

One of the things I appreciate about my Trustees Membership, is that most properties offer free access to Members. Right now, I value the chance to be outdoors and realize how lucky I am to have so many beautiful places to visit within a short distance from my home.

Q: Where will you be heading for your next outdoor adventure?

A: As long as the weather holds out and it’s not too snowy or icy, I’m heading to Agassiz Rock!

p.s.  Interested in becoming a Trustees Volunteer? Click here to learn more.  Not yet a Member? Now is a great time to become one! 

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