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Trustees Quest

An outdoor, self-guided scavenger hunt for families with school-aged kids and the young at heart, with fun clues to navigate through five Trustees properties.

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What is The Trustees Quest:

The Trustees Quest is a self-guided, outdoor scavenger hunt for families with school-aged kids and anyone with an adventurous spirit. Navigate through five Trustees properties with fun clues, discovering cool places and activities along the way. Find the special location at each of the five sites and scan a QR code to earn a digital badge. Scanning the QR code will also give you more to explore at that site.

Whether it’s April school vacation week, a fun spring weekend, or even time after school or work as the days lengthen, the Trustees Quest will get kids and adults alike excited about exploring outdoors, while they learn about the amazing nature of Massachusetts.

Step One:

Sign up for the Trustees Quest. Submit your email to receive your Trustees Quest guide with trail maps and clues for each Quest property.

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Step Two:

There are five locations across Massachusetts to Quest. Choose your first adventure and download the Trustees Quest guide with the trail maps and clues to get started.

Step Three:

Once at the site, follow the trail map and the clues to a special spot, marked with a sign. Be sure to scan the Trustees Quest QR code on the sign for more ways to explore this special place, and to receive the digital badge you’ve earned!

Step Four:

Check your email for your digital badge once you complete each location and choose your next Quest.

When you’ve found all five QR codes, you’ve completed the Quest!

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