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Gardeners’ Gathering

March 16, 2024. Free and open to all.

Photo Credit: Whit Wales

Gardeners’ Gathering

March 16, 2024
Northeastern University, Shillman Hall
Free and open to all
Registration link will be live in 2024

Celebrate the start of the gardening season! The 48th Annual Gardeners’ Gathering brings Boston-area growers of all kinds together for a free day full of informative workshops, engaging exhibitors, networking, and inspiration. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Mel King’s Massachusetts Gardening and Farm Act, the Gathering will focus on celebrating our invaluable legacy gardeners, taking a look back on the incredible community growing work in Boston over the last half a century.

More information coming soon!

Getting There

Ruggles and Northeastern stops.

Available for $20 at the Renaissance Garage, 835 Columbus Ave (that is the only entrance to drive into, do not follow Google Maps to a back or side entrance; it’s wrong). You can exit the side of the garage, go up and through Ruggles Station, and leave through the Forsyth Street exit. From there, Shillman Hall is ahead to the left and the Egan Center is ahead to the right. Download a Northeastern Campus Map here.

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