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Green Friday

Can you get outside every day this weekend?

Around this time every year, inboxes teem with emails screaming about Black Friday deals, and this year is no different except perhaps that fewer people will be rushing to the malls. Many people in The Trustees community already embrace Green Friday as an alternative to shopping, and this year we encourage you and your household to extend Green Friday through the whole weekend.

The weather forecast looks fabulous, and with over 100 properties to choose from, the odds of being physically distant while enjoying fresh air are really good. So consult a map, pack a mask, and explore our beautiful places!

Here are a few resources for you to get outside this weekend:

Hike Outside the Lines: Regional Trails That Connect to Trustee Properties.

Hike Trustees.

Stroller Friendly Hikes.

Beginner Hikes.


Two people walking down a trail with fall foliage

We also would like to remind you of some ways to stay safe outdoors with our short video series Trustees Trails Tips.

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