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The Japan Society of Boston and The Trustees

Celebrating the partnership between The Japan Society of Boston and The Trustees

The Japan Society of Boston and The Trustees

The Japan Society of Boston, Inc, is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote cultural and economic ties and active interchange between Japanese and Americans for mutual understanding, benefit and enjoyment. The society serves as a programming nexus for a network of individuals, institutions, and businesses that are linked together by a strong interest in Japan and a shared recognition of the importance of the U.S.-Japan relationship.


The Japan Society of Boston was founded at the time of the Russo-Japanese war as an informal social group for expats and visiting dignitaries in 1904. After the Second World War, it resumed its activities in 1953. As the relationship between Boston and Japan evolved, so did the society. Its notable activity was the visit of the Mayor of Kyoto in 1959 to establish the Sister City relationship between Kyoto and Boston, the first Sister City relationship between the U.S. and Japan. In February 1990, the Sister State relationship was established between Hokkaido and Massachusetts. Since the Japan Society of Boston was founded, the tradition of friendship, travel, cultural exchange, and education between Boston/New England and Japan has continued and expanded.

The Japan Society of Boston today continues its tradition and offers cultural, educational and business events both in-person and online to our audience. After the pandemic, we have people join our online events from all over the world.

Partnership with The Trustees

The team at Long Hill were interested in celebrating the link with Japanese culture due to the multitude of Japanese plants in the garden and the literary ties with Ellery Sedgwick. They then reached out to the Japan Society of Boston, who from the very beginning were excellent partners in guiding us and were able to connect us with an incredible network of individuals and organizations who provided top notch programming. The Long Hill team is incredibly excited about continuing this partnership in years to come and using the stunning grounds as a platform to celebrate Japanese culture.

Japan Society of Boston – Looking Forward

The Japan Society of Boston celebrates their 120th anniversary in 2024. The year 2024 also marks the 65th anniversary of Boston’s sister city relationship with the Japanese city of Kyoto.

As the society gears up for these big anniversaries, they are excited to serve as a nexus for individuals and businesses interested in learning more about Japanese culture or looking for a way to connect to a larger community outside of their own.

The 21st century society still enjoys offering a place of gathering and events, but also works hard to collaborate with local museums, movie theaters, and gardens such as the Long Hill so that our members and audience can learn and experience Japanese culture.

Celebrate Japan! At Long Hill

On Saturday, July 15 the second annual Celebrate Japan! takes place at Long Hill. A full day of activities are planned, with many included with admission.

Long Hill is collaborating with the Japan Society of Boston again this year to celebrate Japanese culture. The Sedgwick family, who owned and cared for Long Hill from 1916 to 1979, collected Japanese artifacts and Japanese plantings as Mabel Cabot Sedgwick was an accomplished gardener and the author of The Garden Month by Month, and her husband, Ellery Sedgwick was a noted author and editor of The Atlantic Monthly. When Mabel passed in 1937, Ellery married Marjorie Russell Sedgwick, a rare plants specialist and the combined creative vision of these two women led to the design of Long Hill’s enchanting gardens. With the many Japanese artifacts and plantings, Long Hill is excited to celebrate Japanese culture through music, arts and much more!


Ikebana Flower Arranging

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